The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Changes and Birthdays

This past month has been eventful for us...lots of changes & lots of emotions to go along with those changes.  Within this past month we now have an adult child, two new drivers, our 2nd born turned 17, we finished all our paperwork for our new lil from China and celebrated 20 years of marriage! Whoo! - I need a nap!

People used to tell us enjoy it while they are little because it goes so fast.  I never really believed them. Now I do it really does seem like yesterday that we became parents. We were told we probably would never have children so to be parents was a dream come true for us...and 12 months & 3 weeks later we were blessed again! (see doctors don't really know everything!!)

Our 1st blessing turned 18 - we have been so blessed to have you as our son. Your love for the Lord and hunger to know more about Him is a blessing and humbles us, along with your burden for the unsaved. We love your excitement for learning- I will never forget the summer when you were 8 and I told you to stop reading the encyclopedias and go outside and play!  How much you love and care for your siblings and that you are a wonderful role model for them.  We appreciate how you are able to see both sides of an issue, you are wise beyond your years.  Also, how you are able to explain things to others is a gift.  You have your fathers sense of humor....not sure if that is a good thing or not! (just kidding).  It is so exciting to see the Lord working in your life and can't wait to see what this next year brings.
Meeting Dad for b-day lunch at Mexican restaurant
getting sung to by the staff- too funny...see how red he is!
Our 2nd blessing turned 17- sweet 2nd born you are such a gift in our lives.  We are so thankful for the wonderful, caring, helpful, loving and beautiful young lady you have become.  It warms our hearts to see how much you love the Lord and desire to know Him and serve Him, also your burden for the unsaved and that the Gospel is shared to all nations.  We are thankful for your willingness to help around the house with your servants heart.  It brings us joy to watch you working hard on some sewing project, which usually is a gift for one of your sisters!  We love how you are patient with your siblings.  Thank you for being my right hand lady.  We are so grateful to the Lord for the good work He has done in you and excited to see where He leads you.

such a pretty young lady- happy with her earrings from Africa

Here is the final stack of paperwork for our new little....wonder if it will be a son or a daughter????
Feels so good to have all the paperwork done and mailed! I think the next paperwork we have to do is after the referral!

Only time you see my man smiling so big when writing a check!
Is when it involves a new lil to love on!
we cruised on our paperwork this time! 2 months to complete
home study documents and dossier!

For our 20th my parents were so sweet to take all 5 of our sweeties for a whole weekend.  We had a wonderful stay-cation...the traditional gift for 20 years is China....going to China this year counts huh?  We took all the kids to Grandma and Poppas Friday. Some of the high lights of our weekend were going on a real date - an early dinner at  P.* Changs Chinese restaurant and then went to a Christian comedy show, sleeping in both mornings (luxury!!!!) strolling around a tourist attraction town that has great chicken dinners, uninterrupted conversations and just spending time together.  So appreciate our time together and it is so good for marriages...this was the 1st time we have been without any of our kiddos for a year and half since we brought our 5th blessing home from Ethiopia ...Thank you so much Mom and Pops~ Luv ya!
20 years still happy and in love!

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