The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Thursday, October 25, 2012

2 years ago... Referral Day!

 Two years ago we finally got the call we had been waiting 1 1/2 years for and got to see the face of our son that we had been dreaming about and praying for. 

With the Ethiopian program through our agency they work off a wait list to give referrals -based on each families parameters. We had known the Friday before that we were "unofficially" #2 on the boys list.  Also, we knew that on Oct. 18th there were 10 children brought into Hannah's Hope-our agency's transition home in Addis to say it was a l-o-n-g weekend is an understatement!
That Monday we tried to keep things "business" as usual...home schooling, errands, chores...anxiously waiting for either hubby's or my phone to ring-we even had special ring tones to know if it was our case manager calling!  Well it was getting close to dinner time -our agency is in a different time zone... I was busy getting dinner ready reflecting on all the referrals given out lately and assuming we were NOT getting "the call" while doing dishes the words from Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord..." kept repeating through my mind. 
And then it happened! The unique ring on my phone! It was our case manager!
 "B"ask "May I speak to Carrie?" (which was always funny to me! I was the only one who answered that phone!)
I said, "Hi B are you calling to tell me about my baby?" to this she replies, "Yes, I am! Is this a good time?"(like I'd say "umm no- can you call me tomorrow"!!!) so I started getting teared up and running through my house like a crazy lady trying to quietly get my kids attention! Which they were all excitedly jumping all around!  Hubby was at a college class that night! (Of course - and the only night that semester that he couldn't skip class!) So "B" offered to conference call him in! Yay! BUT that meant I had to handle the documents and picture downloads on the laptop alone...ahh yea-that is not my gift! Thankfully my son helped me get it all set.
So the call took over an hour to read through all the documents and hear the history, medicals and information regarding our son-we didn't open the pictures yet.  At the end of "the call" we need to let the agency know if we want to move forward with this child.  We had agreed that if we did get our referral while hubby was in class we would at least wait and look at the pictures the 1st time together and pray before moving forward.  So we told "B" we would call her back the next day. 
Waiting for hubby's class to get over so he could come home seemed to take forever! By the time he got home we prayed then reviewed the documents it was after midnight! Finally we opened the pictures to see this beautiful face! He took our breathe away...we knew he was the one the Lord planned for us!
Isaiah 25:1 Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.    
Our son~ his Ethiopian name is Temesgen- which means "thank you God"
It was so surreal...when waiting for your referral you imagine what its going to be like when "the call" actually happens.  We always assumed we would be together on the call-hubby was gonna come home from work...didn't happen that way. We had prayed many times during our wait for discernment and peace when we did get our referral.  While waiting for hubby to come home I was praying and I felt God wanted me to look back in my prayer journal. I pulled it out and the exact week that the Lord broke down my wants and desires and put in my heart His desires for us to add to our family through adoption was the EXACT same week his birth mom would have learned she was expecting! Wow...the Lords hand was in this no doubt about it.  That is where faith comes in...just take the leap to follow the Lord in His plans.
We were surprised with all the different thoughts and emotions we experienced.  We were extremely overjoyed to see him yet grieving the losses that goes along with adoption....that's how it is with adoption - there has to be a loss otherwise there wouldn't be a need. We were shocked at the weight we felt just looking at this little guy knowing we had to say yes or wasn't that we ever thought of saying no but just the significance of saying just don't get that option when you give birth. We were (and are) thankful that God chose us to be his parents but humbled why us?  
This has been an amazing journey this far...not easy- but so rewarding.  One blessing is that we get to see a physical earthly example in our home of how our Heavenly Father loves us and adopts us into His family.  We are thankful that the Lord saw fit in His infinite wisdom to bless us with our little guy.



  1. Wow. Intense and so moving. Choking up just reliving what you all were blessed with. That was truly a wonderful night. God is so good!

  2. Loved reading your story, especially having met you and your Ethiopian blessing this year. We are excited for you as you take this new journey to China!