The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

adoption - it is family

With this being National Adoption Month it has had us thinking about how much our family has changed since taking a leap of faith and following the Lords leading to adopt the first time - we are so blessed to have our little guy in our lives. Our little guy adds so much to our family that we never knew was missing before! 
I love reading other adoptive families stories and their reasons for adopting - majority of the time (besides the Lord leading them) was because they felt like someone was missing from their families.
That is so true and is exactly how it feels for is not about saving or rescuing an orphan (although our hearts are broken for the fatherless) it is more - it is family
God puts that desire on our hearts ever so softly (sometimes repeatedly!!!)  and we take that leap of faith.  Then that desire becomes a longing-like you are missing something or in this case someone...
there are days when I picture my kids outside and in my mind I already see six children.  
Apparently that longing doesn't only effect the parents...the other day I was out shopping with our five, as we were loading the groceries in our van blessing #1 says to me, "It's weird I keep looking around cause it feels like we are missing someone, I guess I already think I have another sibling..." then of course he adds "another brother".
I love how the Lord truly does set the lonely in familiesDuring both - our 1st adoption from Ethiopia and this current one from China  - the Lord has united each one of our hearts to His plans for our family. Sometimes it has even been things one of our children may have said in conversation without even knowing that the Lord was working on my or hubbys heart toward adoption, that planted another seed for us.  It warms my heart to hear my childrens excitement, plans, dreams, and mostly the love and compassion they already have for their new sibling...that we don't even know yet.
It is not always easy...sometime it is quite H.A.R.D. but rewarding.
We all have grown in ways we never could have if we didn't step out in faith. Hubby and I have been stretched in ways we never imagined, we are learning even more how to show mercy and grace, to love even more unselfishly and unconditionally, we have learned new ways to parent, and to not worry what people think of us when we do what we believe is best for our child.
Our four older children have learned to have compassion, tenderness, grace - and to love when maybe they have not wanted to. The five of them bring us so much joy to watch them interact and the way they love each other...excited to add another to our family.

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