The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tis the Season...what we have been up to

Just wanting to recap some of the things we have been up to lately...
One of our family traditions is to take our kids to the Christmas store usually at the end of Oct. or in Nov. when it is not so busy (note to self- do not go in Dec. AGAIN)  each of our kids pick out a new ornament to hang on our tree and someday we will give them a box full of ornaments when they have their own homes. It is always fun to see what they choose.  When we pulled up to the store lil guy shouted out "look at the man with the big clothes" we all laughed at that one...too cute.
Had to get a pic with "the man with the big clothes"
So the new ornaments we ended up coming home with were a pirate, a lion, three different cats on jingle bells and a fortune cookie...when we came home we decorated our tree. 
We got this for our new lil one
We celebrated hubby's birthday...(his 29th AGAIN!!!??)
He was off that day so he went to the movies with blessing #1 to see Skyf*ll (such a guy thing)
later we all made him a special dinner and he had his favorite banana splits with homemade ice cream instead of cake. The next day the kids all went to stay the night at Grandma and Poppas for the annual tradition of going to "grandma's lighted parade" and homemade waffles for breakfast. We did our traditional Christmas shopping outing.
We love you!
We have been busy playing...
having a blast in rice pool...
fun playing restaurant
playing with our nativity...
We have also been making cookies, preparing for Christmas orchestra and choir concerts, watching favorite Christmas movies and crafting.  Blessing #1 has been working on completing his applications to colleges.  
Blessing #2 and I...well mostly blessing #2 have been usy sewing our Christmas pj's. I just love her for so many reasons...but I just love the joy in her face as she is blessing us with her talents and sewing abilities...I love her giving servants heart. 
love her smile-she is so beautiful


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dreaming....of our new little one

Dreaming of a little face we have never seen,
Hearing a heartbeat of a child we have never held, 
Our arms are aching to hold our new little child
and imagining the smell of him or her,
Crying tears when we are missing our little one
Excited to get the call...
Yet grieving the story that is yet to be told,
Yearning to go to the country where we have never been
We are longing to know the little blessing God has planned for our family
Lifting prayers to our Father who knows
our hearts loving an unknown face...
  Unknown to us...not to God - He already knows our child's story

One amazing part of the adoption journey is missing someone you have never met...

We are being knit together with our heavenly Fathers plan for us -
making His plans the desires of our hearts...

This Christmas song says it all....grab a tissue! The lyrics are below-
Merry Christmas by Third Day
There's a little girl trembling on a cold December morn
Crying for momma's arms
At an orphanage just outside a little China town
There the forgotten are

But half a world away I hang the stockings by the fire
And dream about the day when I can finally call you mine

It's Christmas time again but you're not home
Your family is here and yet you're somewhere else alone
And so tonight I pray that God will come and hold you in his arms
And tell you from my heart I wish you Merry Christmas

As I hang the tinsel on the tree and watch the twinkling lights
I'm warmed by the fire's glow
Outside the children tumble in a wonderland of white,
Make angels in the snow

But half a world away you try your best to fight the tears
And hope that heaven's angels come to carry you here

It's Christmas time again but you're not home
Your family is here and yet you're somewhere else alone
And so tonight I pray that God will come and hold you in his arms
And tell you from my heart I wish you Merry Christmas

Christmas is a time to celebrate the holy child
And we celebrate his perfect gift of love
He came to earth to give his life
And prepare a place for us
So we could have a home with him above

It's Christmas time again and now you're home
Your family is here so you will never be alone
So tonight before you go to sleep, I'll hold you in my arms
And I'll tell you from my heart, and I'll you from my heart
I wish you Merry Christmas


Monday, December 3, 2012

Black Friday Blessing

I was not going to venture out shopping the day after Thanksgiving, however one of my crafting daughters saw that flannel was going to be 75% off and has been wanting to make us all PJ's for Christmas morning....Daddy couldn't say no - so off goes this Momma at 5:30 in the morning with blessing #2 & 3 to J*Fabrics.
We got flannel for us all to have "matching" PJ's for our annual Christmas morning picture in front of the tree...but I spotted the cutest flannel I just "HAD" to have for my lil in China.

just way too cute!
 I bought enough to make her a quilt and maybe a ruffled skirt...and if she ends up being a he - well then my big girls will get cute PJ pants!
While getting the fabric cut the Lord so blessed my heart  (especially seeing we have been dealing with an unexpected change in our family requiring weekly therapy for one of our littles & adding more demands to my already full days at home - I have been feeling super stretched and kinda defeated lately) SO anyways...while the lady was cutting the fabric we were chit chatting, this other employee walks by - stops and says "what cute fabric!" So I agreed and mentioned that we were adopting from China and what I was gonna do with the fabric if it ends up being a girl. The one lady says, "Congratulations that is wonderful, I love hearing that someone is gonna get a nice home and to know they will have a family".  I mention that this is our 2nd adoption we have a son from Ethiopia also...with that #2 & #3 walk up she looks at them questioningly I explain we have 4 biological also.  With that she gets all excited and says "Oh bless you - no wonder I saw diamonds in your crown!" The other lady who has been quite goes "Amen!". 
I left there feeling so blessed and encouraged, that even though I may feel defeated - what I am doing does matter-to God.  He sees all I do and gives me the strength as I serve my family that He has blessed me with, as I devote time to my little who needs extra right now, as I home school, as I love and support my matters to God. 
Also I left there challenged and praying "Lord, let my service be pleasing to you...may you delight in how I serve the family you have blessed me with.  When I see you face to face may I hear the words "well done good and faithful servant" as I lay a crown at your feet."