The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012 recap

Wow! No wonder it felt like 2012 fly by-we were busy. 2012 was full of changes for us – some good, some not so good, and some surprises. Looking back hubby and I were surprised by just how much our kids have grown, not just physically but emotionally, spiritually and in maturity.

We are humbled by our kids-God is good to us.

One word to describe last year-REFINING…this year my one word theme is-ABIDING.
January – Other than our normal routine this was a calm month for us. Our girls went to a friend of our family’s 13th birthday party, we went swimming with some friends at the recreation center, played in the snow and was visited by a pirate…
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February-Daddy surprised us with a little get-a-way to Great Wo!f Lodge which was a lot of fun-good memories, debate and speech tournaments started this month, we had a homeschool valentines bowling party that was little guys first time bowling, blessing #3 celebrated her 12th birthday, my family planned a surprise outing and made me dinner for my birthday.
March-We had another debate/speech tournament weekend, our homeschool music program had concerts and competed in district orchestra and choir festivals, we went on a field trip with friends to a maple syrup farm, little guy got his 1st haircut,celebrated our 1st year anniversary for “family day”(gotcha day) , it was unseasonably warm so we went for a picnic and to the zoo, momma flew to Georgia for a retreat for adoptive moms-Created for Care.
 IMG_4346IMG_4379IMG_4404                 SAM_2313SAM_2311
April-We started the month of with a visit to some friends, another debate/speech weekend, state orchestra festivals, celebrated Easter Sunday at Poppa and Grandmas for annual egg hunt, little guy learned how to fly a kite with Daddy.
May-This month was a busy-fun one! State choral festivals, cupcake kid sale for 60 feet, AWANA awards night, went overnight with our older two to a homeschool convention (1st time little guy stayed at Grandmas overnight), nature hike for Mother’s Day, field trip with family friends-the dads came too, had final debate and speech weekend for year –also our teams end of year party, and little guy got to meet aunt from Georgia. Also, this was the month the Lord put on hubby's heart to adopt again.
June-We celebrated blessing #4 turning 10! our whole family go to go with our church youth group on an amazing mission trip experience and learn about tribal missions, VBS at our church and told the kids about their new sibling-with Chinese dinner and in the fortune cookie we put papers saying your gonna have another sibling.
July-Went to fireworks display at hubbys old town spent the night at Grandfather & Grandmothers house, little guy got to sit on his uncles tractors(his favorite thing),hubby and blessing #1 built a deck for our pool, had a pool party and bomb-fire with friends, the 1st time ever our older two went to church camp.
August-Another busy month, we started school early, hubby's family work picnic, had a pool party with both families & told about us adopting from China, went to the zoo, 1st carousel ride for little guy, blessing #2 passed drivers training, finished all our homestudy & dossier paperwork, had our adoption agency picnic, celebrated blessing #1's 18th birthday!

September-Celebrated Labor day with whole family at uncle and aunt's for BBQ and at their pool, finished & mailed dossier, went on a field trip to planetarium, blessing #2 turned 17, hubby and I celebrated 20 years of marriage, little guy had his 1st ride on a big real train. 

October-My little sister and I went away together to a scrapbook weekend, hubby and I went to a pregnancy center dinner, we went for walks enjoying the trees changing colors, started OT therapy with little guy, TV recording for choir that our older two are in, little guy turned 3-had curious george party, hubby and I took blessing #1 to Chicago after touring a college.

November-Had USCIS fingerprint appointment, craft night with my girls at a friends house, celebrated Thanksgiving with hubby's family on Thanksgiving and my family the next day.              IMG_6206IMG_6214
December-We celebrated hubby's 42nd birthday, back to back Christmas parties, Christmas concert, hubby and the oldest three went to see the long awaited Hobbit movie, hubby's work party, parties for the kids with friends. We also did a lot of dreaming of our new little one while waiting! Most importantly celebrated our Saviors birth.
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What a year! We are excited for the changes that are coming our way in 2013.

Hope your year is blessed.

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