The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Season recap...

We have had a fun bug come to our house...leave...and come again. We are not sure if it is the same one coming back with a vengeance or a new one - fun times here. I was talking with my mom and she and both my sisters have the same situation - well I guess at least were not alone. So my dreams to blog all the events of the Christmas Season didn't (couldn't) happen, so I am recapping them all now. 
Picture for our Christmas card-fun times trying to get all 5 kids smiling and with
their eyes open! We were all cracking up trying to get this done...our dog had
to be in the pic she wouldn't leave the kids alone-she gets excited at Christmas!
We had a great time at our annual Christmas party with my uncle, aunt and cousins (my moms sister's family) at my parents house. Our families keep growing thankfully we can still all get together so we use my mom's art studio to eat in because it has enough room for all the tables. This year there was 13 adults, 3 young adults, 2 tweens, and 8 little ones all under 6 years old! We were missing one cousin and his fiance along with our brother,his wife and new baby that live in New York and my uncle and two adult daughters all who live in California. The little ones loved the pinata my three girls and my mom had fun making!
collecting the goodies
Lil guy totally loves my uncle so much he was kind enough to share the
big chair and remote with him! The middle pic is one of my cousins and his wife. And a pic of my wonderful aunt. It was a fun evening thankful that my mom and aunt do this each year!

The next day we had our Christmas brunch with my family. My sister and her family live a couple hours away so we do our Christmas parties back to back to help save them the extra drive. We have fun just eating, playing games, and just hanging out and relaxing with each other. Our older three left early to go to their youth group Christmas party (feels strange that I have three old enough to be in youth group).
our family-we are blessed

a little crazy though....

A few days later our kids had their Christmas Concert with the homeschool music program they are part of. They love it and it is such a sweet blessing to hear them sing and participate in the orchestras. The kids were super excited that Grandma was coming and "riding in our car with us". 
Lil guy with Grandma waiting for the show to begin
Blessing #4 is in choir-this year she had a solo part

Blessing#3 plays the viola in Intermediate Orchestra

Blessing#1 plays viola and Blessing #2 plays the violin in
Symphony Orchestra
Blessing #1 & 2 are also in the concert choir
they surrounded the audience to sing - it was so beautful sounding 
Blessing #1 & 2 concert choir
They love their Grandma
The next day we got together with some of our homeschooling friends to have a little Christmas get together/party for the kids.  They all had a nice time going to different stations to do crafts, story, game, make individual rice krispy treats. Had a pot luck style lunch and finished the party with a cake and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.
The following night was hubby's work Christmas party this year it was a dinner at a comedy club. We drove with friends of ours. It was a nice fun night getting out and having some laughs, after we went to our friends house to play some cards...and again us women reign champions!
The next night a friend of mine had a little Christmas get together for her girls so blessing # 3 and 4 headed over there for the evening. The girls had such a nice time! They decorated cookies and made a super cute snow globe.
We went to see two super cute Christmas puppet shows in our basement! Blessing #3 and  #4 organized productions of The Grinch and Christmas Carol they wrote scripts, made puppet stage, backgrounds and even a singing commercial for homemade Christmas morning cinnamon rolls (more like a hint for Mom...). I love that they used their creativity to do that for their family.
That night we made our traditional Christmas cut out much fun. Lil guy really had a great time doing this - he even followed Moms directions to NOT lick anything until we are all proud of his self control.

  We had a nice visit with hubby's parents unfortunately our memory card failed so we don't have any pics from that day. Christmas Eve we all put on our new PJ's that Blessing #2 made for each of us.

Christmas Day was spent just relaxing in our PJ's at home...I couldn't help but think about what Christmas is going to look like next year-it definately will be different as our oldest will be going away to college and a new little one in our home-that brings tears to this momma's eyes for sure on many different levels!
Well that is what our 2012 Christmas Season looked like.  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as you celebrated our Saviors birth.

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