The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hope for Anna to Hear….

I wanted to share this story with you - I “know” of this little girl through an online China Adoption group I am part of.
The blog post below Anna’s is copied from another woman in our group who has created cute t-shirts to help out little Anna. I love how the body of Christ come together to help each other!
To buy t-shirt(s) go to her blog at order is due by Feb. 22
To read about Anna go to
Sweet Anna joined her forever family in July of 2012 when she was adopted by the Burch Family. Though Anna babbled away, she could not hear. After Anna came home, she was diagnosed with a rare form of deafness caused by Michel's Aplasia. Because of the complexity of Michel's Aplasia, traditional hearing aids or cochlear implants are not an option for Anna to help her hear. There is a new surgery not yet available for all children (it is used with adults who loose hearing in certain situations) in the US called Auditory Brainstem Implant. The Burch family learned about this possibility for Anna from the House Ear Clinic in CA. On February 1, they received a call that Anna had been approved for this surgery and was placed on the surgery schedule with the leading expert in this field in Verona, Italy at the University Medical Center there. Dr. Colletti has successfully implanted several children with success rates similar to those seen with cochlear implantation. Children Anna's age have benefited enough to be able to hear and understand speech and learned to speak with this processor. Anna and part of her family are flying today (Valentine's Day) to Italy where Anna will have surgery for an Auditory Brainstem Implant. The decision to pursue this intervention for Anna as not been an easy one, but through prayer, Anna's family feels led to do so. They know that God uniquely created Anna and has set her to this time and this place to be their daughter. They are excited to be on this journey of faith and appreciate your prayers during this time. As Anna's joyful gibberish fills the air of their home each day, they hope and pray for the miracle of hearing and speech for Anna. You can follow Anna's journey here on their blog. As friends fo the Burch Family(we met Amy in 2008 while we were waiting to bring home our son ,Nate), we want to help them out as they face medical, travel and living expenses for Anna's surgery which will take place in Italy and then once she returns home to Texas. They do have health insurance for Anna, but the surgery in Italy instead of the US, it is not covered. This is where you can help! The ladies at Adoption Tees have worked with us to create this awesome tee shirt to help raise funds for Anna and her family. The front says, "Come and listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what He did for me. For I cried out to Him for help, praising Him as I spoke." Psalm 66:16-17
The tee is available in women's regular fit, long sleeve and children's sizes. 1. You can order one or more of the tees below using the order button at the bottom of this post on on the top of my side bar. Orders will be taken until Friday, Feb. 22nd. It will then take about 3 weeks for the shirts to be printed and mailed to arrive at your door. 2. Please help us spread the word! Share Anna's story and about her fundraiser on your blogs, facebook pages and with others. You can use this blog button to share and it will link to this post. 3. Pray for Anna and her family as they are in Italy for surgery and the weeks that follow. Amy will be updating their family blog as she can. Thank you for supporting Anna and her family! We can't wait to LISTEN to what the Lord is doing! Order prices includes shipping. If you have any problems ordering or have questions about an order, please email:

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