The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Thursday, February 7, 2013

learning to be content

Lately (again-since going to Ethiopia) I have been struggling with all the materialism around us... we just passed the time of the year where we all shop and buy more than typical. It is so easy to buy those things we don't really need when they are all around us and advertised at a great price.
We live in a modest home (ahem...small) we have people tell/remind us that we "need" something bigger. We struggle with that often too...sure-we could try and sell and with the housing market the way it is hope that we would not have to bring a check to closing in order to sell our home.

Why though?
We truly have all we need - Jesus, food, clean water, clothing and shelter. Actually we are spoiled compared to others in this world. We have never had to go without three meals a day plus snacks. Clean running water comes into our home and out the faucet every time it is turned on.We have more clothing than just what is on our backs -and plenty of it for each season. A solidly constructed home with a roof that doesn't leak, indoor plumbing, glass windows, heat and air conditioning, flooring, with multiple rooms AND our whole house is bigger than the smallest bedroom we have...many of the homes we seen in Ethiopia were the same size if not smaller than the smallest bedroom in our home.

We have abundance here in America.
While we were in Ethiopia we visited an orphanage besides seeing all the faces of those little kids all crowded in rooms, we will never forget the overwhelming smell-if you have ever been to an animal shelter it was worse than that. KIDS should not have to live like that! Now, I am not bashing the workers that were there because they were trying, someone was cleaning while we were there -but honestly they just don't have enough help for all those children.  That was only one orphanage full of children needing daddy and mommy’s to love on them, to tell them they are special and show them that Jesus loves them.
The Bible tells us children are a heritage from the Lord…not a bigger house or a______ is a heritage…
So smaller house =
smaller bills =
one more mouth we could feed= 
one more child we can be blessed with-
one less child in the world without a daddy or mommy to love them

Lord, help us to be content with what we have and to see the needs of others before our own wants or comfort.


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