The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

LID! one step closer to our child

We have received our log in date (LID) - Praise God!  This means our dossier was logged in China and we can now start the referral process.  We are so relieved to receive our LID before the Chinese New Year -because this means we could even have a referral as early as this month!!!! We are guarding our hearts as it is typically 1-3 months to be placed with a child, but we are hopeful. We know this is all in God's timing, that He already knows the child for our family and will reveal it to us in His good and perfect timing.   

The Lord has led us to go special needs with this adoption.  During the home study process we diligently researched and filled out numerous papers regarding what special needs we were open to. We prayerfully considered what medical conditions we could handle as a couple, a family and individuals. We sought wisdom from others and got the needed approval from our social worker who knows and understands our family dynamics. Quite honestly that was probably the hardest part of this adoption for us. While we were pregnant we chose to not get some testing done because it didn’t matter to us if any of our children had any medical conditions – we would never abort- and we trusted God with the unknown.  So it was hard to check “yes” or “no” to medical conditions because… just don’t get those choices with child birth.
Thankfully, my wise husband and social worker helped me process that “no” doesn’t mean those children aren’t valuable or that they are any less important – it just means as a family we could not do the best for them.  We need to be able to give the best we can to our new child without taking away from or destroying the family that God has already given us…He would not expect that of us. “No” to certain conditions is not a lack of faith-but wisdom.   “Yes” to certain conditions doesn’t mean it is better or easier…but what you feel with God’s strength are able to handle. There are families out there that are open to some conditions that others are not.  If we believe (KNOW) that God already has planned the family for an orphan then “no” to certain conditions is “yes” for the  family that God already has planned for that orphan.
Also, families who answer the call to special needs adoptions or to adopt are not "saints, extra patient, super spiritual" or "super - anything"! Sure there are some out there that have always wanted to adopt special needs, but most are just trusting and following the Lord in what He has laid on their hearts and opened their eyes to. We just have a super God who supplies us with all our needs!
Most importantly though...ALL ORPHANS healthy or with mild, moderate or major special needs
All this being said we still are trusting God with the unknowns. We KNOW that He has a perfect plan in place for our family. We have been prepared by our agency that it may take 1-4 referrals to be matched with our child due to medical conditions (we are praying/hoping that we will be matched the 1st time). Which again is going to be hard because you just don’t get the choice to say “yes” or “no” with child birth. We were talking with our pastor about this and he said it is good to know your limitations and trust that the Lord already has a perfect plan for that child to prosper – so if we say “no” then that means the family that the Lord already has planned for that child, that may be better equipped to help that child will be the family to say “yes” to that referral.
We would appreciate your prayers for us to have discernment and peace during the referral. Also for the medical information and the international pediatrician who will be reviewing our child's medical chart.  And we would have the needed finances available and ready when needed.

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