The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dear homeschool curriculum (open letter link up)

Today I am linking up with The Open Letter Campaign-you write a letter about anything serious or funny!


To our home school curriculum…

Arrgghhh, you are so bittersweet. I like that you are a tool that helps my husband and I to achieve our educational goals for our children. That you help them to learn things they should. I like that you push our children and challenge them academically, and help them to persevere when things are sometimes hard. I am thankful that we can purchase Christian curriculum so our kids are being saturated in Christ. I am grateful for the many long conversations we have had sometimes resulting from the books and curriculum we use that challenge them spiritually and help them develop a strong Biblical Worldview.

I can’t stand you sitting in a pile waiting for me to correct and record the grades each week. Or how sometimes you become the driving force behind our schooling – that overwhelming feeling of needing to get all the books completely done. When we are really more concerned with our children's character then we are in finishing all the pages of a book…plus ahh…we NEVER finished a book in all our years of school or college for that matter! Another thing is at this time of year when all the curriculum catalogs come in the mail or the homeschool conferences are happening – makes me dream of buying lots of stuff that we truly don’t need…and then I long for this year to be done so we can start our “new” books!


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