The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Sunday, April 21, 2013

catch up and 10 things folks may not know about me

Its been a while since I have posted –busy life here lately. We have been working hard on getting our lessons done so we can wrap up this school year, as well as orchestra/choir concerts and competitions, blessing #1 has had a couple debate tournaments,weekly therapy & horseback riding for Lil guy, hubby has been working over time, I went away with my baby sister for a weekend to a scrap booking retreat which was a fun time. We have been busy finalizing graduation and college plans for blessing #1(I don’t feel old enough to have a child graduating yet!) This past weekend Hubby and I made the investment to travel and go to an Empowered to Connect conference for parents of children from hard places – WOW! life changing stuff (more on that later). And of course waiting for our referral call to see the new lil one God has planned for us. (Ummm yah….we will be bringing a new baby in the home around the same time blessing #1 leaves for college-please pray for us!).

So I thought it would be fun to write 10 things people may not know about me:
1.  My favorite color is brown
2.  I love hot weather!
3.  I wore slippers on my wedding day
4.  One of my favorite places is Niagara Falls
5.  I am the oldest child in my family
6. I have 2 sisters and 1 step brother
7.  My Grandma was one of my favorite people
8.  One of my favorite foods is salads
9.  I usually fall asleep in movies (even in the theater!)
10. My favorite hobby is scrapbooking

Hope you have a blessed week! Here is a few pictures from Easter. After church it is tradition to go to my parents for dinner and the annual “egg hunt at Poppa and Grandmas”. My parents have been blessed with 14(15 when our newest one comes home) grand children so far. Love the smile on Lil guys face-he was so proud of the eggs he found.


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