The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

mamas day planner

outside my window…
what I am wearing… capris and t-shirt
what I am thankful for… Our family being able to spend a day this past weekend with our dear family friends who moved to Illinois three years ago.
I am praying for…  A REFERRAL SOON!!!! finances for adoption & blessing #1 upcoming move to college
I am pondering… God is rarely early – but NEVER late
I am hearing… wind chimes on my deck, birds chirping, blessing #2playing piano 
Around the house… need to clean school room and paint a bathroom
I am creating…  Finishing blessing #1 scrapbooks for going away dinner in August.  Also, I am working on some articles for a publication I was selected to be a writer for.
I am reading… the book of Joshua in the Bible & working on finishing Anatomy of the Soul by Curt Thompson M.D.
things I love… the sunshine and warmer weather
a sweet memory from this past week… going out to dinner ALONE with an adoptive mama friend. Our kids final orchestra/choir concert. Also, going to the mall with youth pastors wife and some of the 11th&12th grade girls from blessing #2 youth group.
from the learning rooms… we are on summer vacation although we do math lessons year round (eliminates review in the fall which makes mama happy)  I need to finish final grades and put the last semester grades on blessing #1 final high school transcript and on blessing #2 transcript 
from the kitchen… excited to try a new salad recipe using French green lentils 
in the library bag… need to go to library (maybe this week???) The Out-of- Sync Child and The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun by Carol Kranowitz, M.A.
plans for the rest of the week… doctor and dentist appointment for me, blessing #2 has an orthodontist appointment,park-play date with friend, girls craft night at friends house, nephews open house. Hopefully using our pool if its gets warm enough.
a peek into my world…

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  1. God always does what He wills precisely when He needs to: 2 Peter 3:8