The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Friday, May 31, 2013

We are a featured family- a fundraiser for our new lil one!!!

We are so excited to be the 1st featured family for A Nest by Design We feel like this opportunity was literally just dropped in our laps -it was such a God thing! We had been praying about creative ways to try fundraising and that afternoon we got an email from A Nest by Design looking for homestudy approved families looking to do fundraising. I love her creations and have been waiting until we get our referral to order my nest necklace. Kelly can create a unique piece of jewelry for every person with different Swarovski Crystal Pearls representing their unique nest!  Her story of how Nest by Design began when she made a necklace for her sister (who I “know”through our agency-our lil guy and her daughter were together in Ethiopia!) and she used it to help her own adoption and she now wants to bless others on the adoption journey.

SO we are the June featured family! –we will get a commission from every necklace or brooch purchased and paid for between June 1st and July 3rd.  Please consider supporting our adoption by purchasing a beautiful nest necklace or brooch for yourself, your mom, grandma, sister, aunt or friends.

Also please help us spread the word about our fundraiser:
1. FACEBOOK. A great first step to helping spread the word is liking us on Facebook! Visit to like us there. Encourage your friends to like us too, and share the page on your wall.
2. BLOG. If you have a family blog, that's a great way to promote this fundraiser.
3. PINTEREST. You can find them on Pinterest too! They’ve found that pinning can be a very effective way to get word out. They will have multiple pins that will help promote the Featured Family Program.Visit: to follow us!
4. E-MAIL. Simply e-mailing your friends and family is great too!

We are so blessed to be partnered with Kelly and her husband we love what they have on their website under the “About” tab – I have copied part of it here:
Our Purpose First and foremost, at A Nest by Design, there is a desire to bring God glory for how He has designed families. That is why we celebrate every kind of family, with every kind of background.We also want to support adoption. Adoption mirrors what God does for His own people through salvation. Whether an adoption is international, domestic, or foster, they all are beautiful, and all special!
Our Hope What is special about each nest, is that it has a story. The way each person customizes their nest is a reflection of what their family means to them, and the people they hold most dear. Our hope is that the jewelry we make will bring joy to the wearer, be a blessing to the giver, and praise to the Great Designer

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  1. How ironic! I have one of her 4 pea necklaces that I got after Q was born and thought of you guys when I read her about page!
    Good luck with the fundraiser and I'll certainly share the link!