The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Friday, June 14, 2013

Blessing #4 is 11!

                        IMG_7362Blessing #4 turned 11 today! Our sweet “baby girl” is growing up. We had a nice birthday celebration with both sets of grandparents over for dinner- it is such a blessing to live close enough so that they can be part of our children's lives. Blessing #4 wanted “dirt cake with worms in it” for her cake this year – that was really fun to make! Daddy picked out the flowers so she could use them later to make hair bows with. We had a nice day celebrating our daughter.

11 things your family loves about you:
1. fun to be with
2. happy personality
3. free spirited
4. your laugh is contagious
5. sense of style
6. you forgive easily
7. adventurous
8. friendly
9. personable
10. caring
11. you always share

Dear Blessing #4 ~ we are blessed to be your parents and so thankful to have you as our daughter. We love who you are and each year we are amazed at the little lady you are becoming. We are excited to see what the Lord has planned for you as you continue to grow in wisdom and love for Him. Happy 11th birthday “Baby girl” we love you. Love, Daddy and Momma

Blessing #4 and her BFF with their new stuffed friends
Blessing #4 very best BFF were born just a couple days apart. So this momma and her BFF momma(A God orchestrated friendship-for sure-a huge blessing) decided it would be fun to celebrate their 11th birthdays together! We took the girls to a mall that had B*ild-A-B*ar! The girls had so much fun picking out their new friends, getting them stuffed and dressed. I loved watching them having fun and being young while they can, it makes me sad how fast some kids grow up.  After they were done making their new friends we walked around the mall for a while window shopping and having a blast trying on silly sunglasses! We then took the girls to R*d Rob*ns for lunch and their birthday sundaes. These 2 girls even think alike-they each got each other a best friend necklace! The kind where you each get a half to wear and when put together they connect- its so cute how much they are alike.We all had such a sweet time together and made fond memories.