The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Thursday, September 19, 2013

21 years ago I married my best friend

we celebrated this past weekend at an Ethiopian restaurant- hubby was so sweet he called ahead and ordered injera made only with teff so I that I could eat it! The food was great it tasted just like in Ethiopia (thanks Mom for keeping the kids all weekend!)
Wow! 21 years ago today we were married… Couple years ago we passed the mark of being together longer in our lives than we had lived separately. Its been wonderful so far!  We have had good and bad times-mostly good! So thankful each day that we get to walk this path of life together. Excited to see what the years ahead bring. Praise God for His grace, goodness and faithfulness to us in our marriage.

Thought it would be fun to list 21 things we have experienced together in our 21 years of marriage:
1. I was saved 1997
2. Hubby was saved in 2004
3. had blessing #1(even though at 18 I was told there was a chance I could never have children)
4. had blessing #2
5. had blessing #3 (even though after #2 I was told shouldn’t have anymore children)
6. had blessing #4 (umm yeah…see above)
7. adopted from Ethiopia blessing #5
8. adopting from China blessing #6
9. We were both baptized along with our oldest 2 children in 2004
10. Hubby has had 6 different jobs
11. I quit working while pregnant with blessing#1-never worked since
12. Hubby started his own business doing engineering contracts at home
13. went through post partum depression once
14. felt God calling us to homeschool in 2003 (have been doing it since)
15. went to Ethiopia -twice! (will go to China soon!)
16. our best family vacation was 2 weeks in Florida
17. have been to Niagara Falls in every season (love it there)
18. went on a cruise before having children
20. bought 3 houses
21. have had 13 different cars


Dear Hubby, I am so thankful the Lord has put us together and that I get to be called your wife. Serving you and seeing your smile, hearing you laugh (even with your strange sense of humor) brings me joy. We have had so many good memories and some tough times but there is no one else I would rather be able to go through those with than with you! Thank you for always wanting the best for our family, working hard, also for being so kind and patient with me. I look forward to growing older together! LOVE YOU I!

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