The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy 19th Birthday

Blessing #1 turned 19 recently…this year his birthday was a little different due to the fact that he is away at college in another state (that will be another post). We actually celebrated with him twice- once at home as a family then again when hubby and I moved him in the dorms we got to take him out for a birthday dinner (actually three times if you count the goodies we left at the dorm and the gifts his sisters mailed to him!). Even though it was different this year it was still special. 
                    IMG_7812   IMG_7808
Dear Blessing #1-You are our gift that made us parents. When I was 18 due to some medical issues I was told there is a chance I would never have children. Dad and I were so excited when we found out we were expecting our first child.  After 27 hours of labor and three hours of pushing, my body went into shock  I also  began spiking a 105 degree fever (we later found out was due to an infection from internal bleeding) so I needed to have an emergency C-section. You were born totally healthy and huge 10lbs 1oz, 21 inches long and 15 inch head!
Son, we rejoice that you have an unquenchable desire to love and serve the Lord with your whole being and life. We are so humbled and blessed to be your parents. We love how your testimony challenges us.  Our relationship has changed now from us directing you, and it so neat to watch you making decisions, being such a responsible young man, and following the Lord’s leading on your life. Thankful to see all that the Lord has done in your life this far and excited to see what the Lord has planned for your future. 
Here are 19 things your family appreciates about you Blessing #1- we love you bud!
1   love for Lord – your testimony – theological
2   fun to be with
3  loving/loveable
4   caring-thoughtful
5   handsome
6   good sense of humor
7   playful
8   easy going (like Dad)
9   peacemaker
10  calm/patient
11   brilliant
12  talkative
13   the girls are thankful you would eat their meat if they didn’t want it! (they really miss you!LOL)
14  diligent
15  helpful
16  charming
17  genuine
18  kind
19  good teacher

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