The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lil Guy turns 4!

Our Lil Guy turned 4! Amazing how time goes so quickly. He is becoming even more inquisitive!Seems like most answers about things are not enough anymore and often is questioned with a “why”. He likes to know how things work, why they are the way they are or what makes things happen the way they do. He loves reading and learning about things through books. Some of his favorite things to read are Bible stories and then he acts them out…like David and Goliath(which explains the crack in our mirrored door as he was being David throwing the rock to kill Goliath in the mirror) or the Good Samaritan.  This always has been his personality but seems even more elaborate now that his vocabulary has grown a lot this past year. I remember in Ethiopia, Alm*z who ran the transition home he was at told hubby and I that Lil Guy (wasn’t even 1 yet) was going to grow up and be a scientist or something smart because how observant and curious he was.

This was a big year for little guy some of his accomplishments this year were: sleeping through the night, getting out of diapers, a new big bed in his own room, learning to ride a big boy bike, swimming underwater across our pool (freaked mom out a bit), going to Sunday School by himself without one of us in there, and of course becoming a older brother (we have to say older cause he takes big literally!).

We celebrated Lil Guys birthday after church and both sets of his grandparents came over to share in his birthday. It was extra special because his big brother was home from college for a long weekend. He chose gluten/dairy free chocolate chip cookie cake for his special birthday dessert and blessing #2 made him dairy free ice cream. It was a nice family day.

4 special things about you:
1. your smile
2. you like to share
3. you can be silly
4. you like to give random hugs and kisses

Dear Blessing #5, We are so thankful the Lord has put you in our family. What a blessing you are to us. Excited to see what a year brings as we continue to grow in Gods love. We love you Lil Guy. Love~Daddy and Momma

Thursday, October 10, 2013



We are asking for prayer - if you could please add us to your prayer list and share this with others-we would be so thankful.

Three weeks ago today our case manager called us with a huge surprise that she already had our LOC (letter of confirmation-which is your official approval to adopt your child-this typically takes 2-3 months!) She proceeds to tell us our little girl would probably be home by Christmas! So needless to say we were ecstatic! She wanted to talk about paperwork but I needed to let her go so I could get ahold of myself because I was crying and couldn’t focus on what she would say.  Wow! she would be home for Christmas, in time for her 2nd birthday, blessing #1 could possibly go with - or at least would be home from college when she came home ( a huge desire of this mommas heart), hubby is off the week between Christmas and New Years so he would have extra vacation time at home with us bonding and for the many doctor appointments we will need to do when coming home. My heart was overflowing with joy because of what the Lord had done!

Then I remembered that Blessing #2 just turned 18 –she is now “another adult in the house” so she has to have her fingerprints done at USCIS.  In order to get an appointment to do that she has to have all her local finger prints/background checks done, she has her county and FBI criminal checks done we are just waiting on our state clearance (they wouldn’t do it until she was 18) as of today we are STILL* waiting for this!!!!  Our case manager thinks this could delay us a month to get our sweet lil girl…this is breaking our hearts. Well a month delay puts us at the end of January right into Chinese New Year -which wisely our agency doesn’t allow us to travel then.  Hubby, Blessing #1 and my USCIS prints expire Feb 5…so we have to redo (and repay) for them to get done again. Which is going to be interesting seeing Blessing #1 is college now.
*UPDATE- right after I posted this we found out we got our state clearance on our daughter! Praise-now waiting on updated homestudy.

Here's how you can help: We are asking believers to please pray specifically that she will be home between Christmas and Chinese New Year.  It would be so exciting to know that many are praying for her and to see what the Lord has planned. We know that no is an answer too-and will praise Him regardless. The Bible tells us to take all our cares to Him nothing is to big or to small for Him. He knows our hearts longing to bring her home to a family who will love her and to start getting the medical care she needs. So will you please join us in prayer for this?

Recently one day when I was worrying about all this (I know…not supposed to do that) and having to wait on all this paperwork need- I was saying” its just a piece of paper”. Well the Lord reminded me of something that happened with our 1st adoption. We didn’t pass court in Ethiopia which isn’t too unusual typically due to a missing paper from Ethiopia and they just reschedule. Well we didn’t pass even our 3rd court date which  was not common- we were going for our agency’s highest record of reschedules (not a record we were wanting)! The next day my caseworker called I was assuming to tell us our next court date, but she said there was some kind of miscommunication and we actually did pass court – Lil Guy was now legally our son! Well when we traveled to pick him up we were talking with Al**z who ran the transition home our son was in, I mentioned the miscommunication on our court appointment. She gave me the strangest look and said “No, there was no miscommunication-you did not pass court!” Then proceeded to tell us that after our 3rd appointment she had received a call from the court for her to call regarding one of her families, when she called they then told her we actually passed. Al**z said they never do that-call her to change a ruling, usually they will just reschedule and pass the family next time. She said “You know who did that-who changed that paper-we just need to trust in Him who does that!” Wow! Such a wonderful reminder how powerful our God is.

So we are trusting and believing in the Lord who is bigger than any paperwork or government-He who can do all things. Our Lord has it all under control. We know that the Lords plans are always best. His timing is perfect. He is rarely early BUT He is never late. We are trusting in His plans-rejoicing in the things He has done. Hoping in Him for the things He can do and  is doing.

We would be so thankful to have you pray for this with us! Also each year we are going to print our blog as a memory album to look back on all the Lord has done; so if you would like leave a comment so our daughter can see that people were praying her home.

Habakkuk 2:3  For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end- it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

for our little sweetie

Copy (1) of IMG_8182
We finally got our care package assembled and ready to mail for our little girl. It was little harder to do than we had thought…I mean we have 3 girls already-we should be pros at this girl stuff! We know she sleeps with a rag doll so of course we had to get her a doll. The one we picked is a little young for her but we had to be careful with the package weight for shipping costs. Daddy picked out her outfit. Blessing #2 made her the little tag blanket that we slept with so it has our scents on it. We all made photo album for her –the girls all helped do their own pages, lil guy helped as well, even Daddy with some of the layouts. In it we put pictures of  her, our family, pets and home in it so she hopefully recognizes us when we meet. We may make a second copy of the book to take with us just in case we don’t get this one back, so we can look through it with her in China.  Lastly disposable cameras that have her name on it, we included a letter with our wishes they take lots of pictures of her and her surroundings then return the cameras to us when we meet her…so hopefully (please pray for this)
Dear sweet lil daughter, Daddy and Momma can’t wait to hold you in our arms. Praying that you come home soon. We have to get some more paper work done otherwise you would be home around Christmas and for your 2nd birthday. We are all very thankful and humbled that you will forever be part of our family. We know that Jesus is watching over you and we are praying that you are well cared for and loved everyday until we have you in our arms. We love you lil one.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My heart is rejoicing this morning…

Psalm 92:4 For you, O Lord, have made me glad by your work; at the works of your hands I sing for joy.

This is the cutie I found waiting for me to wake up this morning. My souls sings praises this morning to the Lord for all He has done in Lil Guys life. Earlier today when I got up to work out I went to check on Lil Guy as I always do, he was stirring a bit because he needed to be covered up. As I pulled the blankets on him he whispered, “thanks Mom” as he snuggled himself under the blankets and went back to sleep. Now to some this may not seem like much ….but to me his mama this is H.U.G.E!  One of Lil Guys big issues was sleep in fact he has only been out of our bedroom for a little over a month. Since coming home anytime I would cover him up during the night he would startle in his sleep. Also, when I would need to wake him in the morning he would be so startled and his poor little heart would just be racing. My heart is so full of joy in how far the Lord has brought us with Lil Guy.

Psalm 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Lamentations 3:22-24 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end;  they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.”

His is Lil Guys new Curious George bedroom…we completed this in less than 6 days! (we did this the week after we dropped of Blessing #1 to college)
                     IMG_7913       IMG_7914