The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

for our little sweetie

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We finally got our care package assembled and ready to mail for our little girl. It was little harder to do than we had thought…I mean we have 3 girls already-we should be pros at this girl stuff! We know she sleeps with a rag doll so of course we had to get her a doll. The one we picked is a little young for her but we had to be careful with the package weight for shipping costs. Daddy picked out her outfit. Blessing #2 made her the little tag blanket that we slept with so it has our scents on it. We all made photo album for her –the girls all helped do their own pages, lil guy helped as well, even Daddy with some of the layouts. In it we put pictures of  her, our family, pets and home in it so she hopefully recognizes us when we meet. We may make a second copy of the book to take with us just in case we don’t get this one back, so we can look through it with her in China.  Lastly disposable cameras that have her name on it, we included a letter with our wishes they take lots of pictures of her and her surroundings then return the cameras to us when we meet her…so hopefully (please pray for this)
Dear sweet lil daughter, Daddy and Momma can’t wait to hold you in our arms. Praying that you come home soon. We have to get some more paper work done otherwise you would be home around Christmas and for your 2nd birthday. We are all very thankful and humbled that you will forever be part of our family. We know that Jesus is watching over you and we are praying that you are well cared for and loved everyday until we have you in our arms. We love you lil one.

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