The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lil Guy turns 4!

Our Lil Guy turned 4! Amazing how time goes so quickly. He is becoming even more inquisitive!Seems like most answers about things are not enough anymore and often is questioned with a “why”. He likes to know how things work, why they are the way they are or what makes things happen the way they do. He loves reading and learning about things through books. Some of his favorite things to read are Bible stories and then he acts them out…like David and Goliath(which explains the crack in our mirrored door as he was being David throwing the rock to kill Goliath in the mirror) or the Good Samaritan.  This always has been his personality but seems even more elaborate now that his vocabulary has grown a lot this past year. I remember in Ethiopia, Alm*z who ran the transition home he was at told hubby and I that Lil Guy (wasn’t even 1 yet) was going to grow up and be a scientist or something smart because how observant and curious he was.

This was a big year for little guy some of his accomplishments this year were: sleeping through the night, getting out of diapers, a new big bed in his own room, learning to ride a big boy bike, swimming underwater across our pool (freaked mom out a bit), going to Sunday School by himself without one of us in there, and of course becoming a older brother (we have to say older cause he takes big literally!).

We celebrated Lil Guys birthday after church and both sets of his grandparents came over to share in his birthday. It was extra special because his big brother was home from college for a long weekend. He chose gluten/dairy free chocolate chip cookie cake for his special birthday dessert and blessing #2 made him dairy free ice cream. It was a nice family day.

4 special things about you:
1. your smile
2. you like to share
3. you can be silly
4. you like to give random hugs and kisses

Dear Blessing #5, We are so thankful the Lord has put you in our family. What a blessing you are to us. Excited to see what a year brings as we continue to grow in Gods love. We love you Lil Guy. Love~Daddy and Momma

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