The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Christmas

Our mandatory Christmas morning picture…the kids love it!!! Hubby and I love having pictures from every Christmas since we were married(even before kids) and looking at them seeing all the changes and growth…we could do without the age progression for us though!
Lil Guy loves Captain America outfit his siblings got him! Oh yah another book for Blessing #1 and a little bit of Christmas  morning loving……
Lil Guy and Mamma made Daddy a song/hymn book to use at night when we sing to him “so Daddy won’t forget the words” Blessing #5 wanted a pirate ship so when he opened it he said “that’s what I was talking about” too funny we all had a little laugh over that.            
Blessing #4 sporting her new Boston Terrier hat, the girls got more puppets – they love writing plays and doing puppet shows for people and our stylish Blessing #3 being silly.
Funny girls….Blessing #2 has been wanting a pair of Tom’s shoes for a while – she was happy to get a pair. We like that Tom’s gives a pair of shoes to a child for every pair that is bought.
Our dog loves the excitement in our home on Christmas morning she gets her own stocking and tears open the gifts-usually some kind of toy so the kids can open gifts without her trying to “help”. Blessing #4 has been wanting a Hearts 4 Hearts doll like her older sis and she was excited to get one- those dolls help support World Vision. Blessing #1 got an electric kettle along with tea and cocoa that he wanted for his dorm room.
Our whole family is all anxiously waiting for our lil girl to come home!  It was so sweet her grandparents got her the blue snuggly animal to help comfort her and with bonding -we are going to take that to China with us for sure, so thankful for that. Also, a Christmas/birthday card with money which we used to buy her car seat-that was a blessing!  Her other grandparents got her the ornament that looks like a snowflake but its angel surrounding her picture and on the back it is engraved –may angels watch over us. Blessing #2 bought her lots of hair bows (the girls in our home are all a little excited about having a lil girl to dress…) Blessing #3 and #4 got gift cards for Build a Bear workshop so while we were there the three of us made that bear for her 2nd birthday. The girls loved that I made a bear with them this time-I think that was a favorite part of the trip for them…I even did the heart ceremony and spun around (which took me a few minutes to not be dizzy from! gotta love getting older). I love making memories with my children.

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