The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Blessing #6 turns 3!!

So our baby turned 3 today. What a joy she is to our family…truly a gift. We got to celebrate her with our tradition of having both sets of grandparents over for lunch. Our lil meat loving girl chose chicken for her birthday meal. Of course the little princess she is needed a “frozen” themed cake.  Our thoughtful college aged kids had to work in the morning and stopped on the way home to buy her a frozen balloon which she was so excited about. Of course they couldn’t leave little guy out so they bought him a Spiderman balloon they are sweet older siblings.
she wasn't to sure about the "hot" candles

ok with Moms help
one more! so proud of her 

"Yay" so proud "I did it!"
everyone licks the cake decorations -right?

She really isn't a sweets eater-give her meat & veggies any day!

present time

princess tea set from Poppa&Grandma-I love the look on her face

Blessing #1 our young man with Grandmother

love my lil girlie
performing with her musical mirror
sings "let it go" all day long

she is such a bundle of joy-she radiates it

Thank you Lord for this beautiful precious one that you have placed in our home. We pray that she will always keep her joy filled spirit.  May she grow up always knowing you and your love for her. Help us to be faithful in the job you have called us to as parents.

Monday, November 24, 2014

date night….(or midlife crisis)

I did it – for years I have been wanting to get a nose ring. Even sporting a magnet one on occasions. Hubby was all for the idea too. We decided to put it off till after our 1st adoption was complete…well we started a second one – so once again it went on hold.  Hubby surprised me and had called around and found a place to get it done  - so our surprise date night was getting my nose pierced and then dinner.  (we are sometimes crazy like that or maybe its just a midlife crisis) Just to put this out there we go to a conservative Christian Bible teaching church - yet totally understand the grace and freedom we have as believers and don't judge those who do or don't have piercings or tattoos. I know some will disagree with that and that's ok. God judges the heart of man - man judges by appearance.  update – due to the part of the country we live in it wasn’t healing like it should – so no nose ring for now…hubby will occasionally mention he misses it – I reply just one more reason to move me where its warm year round or once you move me I will  get it again !

Friday, October 31, 2014

halloween 2014

This year we had a vending machine, cat, sheriff and a ladybug. Daddy had a Batman costume and Momma wore a butterfly mask. We had fun trick or treating in the little towns by our house (even in the cold rainy weather) after we came home and had hot apple cider to warm up.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Blessing #5!

Our little guy turned 5 years old on Monday and we had a little celebration for him that day. IMG_3032

He was so excited to wake up that morning not only because it was his birthday but his Daddy was home from serving at an orphanage in China. He hadn’t seen his Daddy for  twelve long days.  I made them let Daddy sleep for a little bit before waking him up….they were so happy to see him.


We made the birthday boy his choice of dinner: hot dogs and tator tots. He was super excited to get the large army men he had been wanting. We also got him the Wii board. His sisters bought him a “big eyed” stuffed animal puppy.


Gluten & Dairy free cake for our special boy-can’t believe we needed 5 candles already.


These sweet girls…make my heart smile


Then today we had our tradition of birthday with grandparents. Only one set of the grandparents could make it but it was still a really nice time. Also, Blessing #1 was home for fall break so that was extra special for little guy. Plus it was an extra special day because today is our referral-versary 5 years ago was when we got our sons referral call.

Copy (2) of IMG_3092          IMG_3095

His favorite…fruit cobbler

Copy (1) of IMG_3108

These two…silly! Happy 5th birthday Lil Guy-we love you to the moon and back!


Dear Lord- Thank you for the privilege to be this little guys parents. We pray that you will give us wisdom and grace in this parenting adventure. It is our hearts desire that our son would know you and your love for him at an early age and serve you all the days of his life. That he would know you have a great plan for him and that he would be used in mighty ways for your kingdom. Lord that you will turn ashes into beauty as your Word says. What a blessing he is in our life and thank you for him and your great love for us all. Amen.

Monday, September 29, 2014

1st day of school pics (a little late)

With our little girl having surgery at the beginning of September our life has been a little hectic. The first couple weeks were really rough following her surgery –so thankful to our church for helping us with meals. I don’t know how I could of done it all –there were several days where she needed me to just hold her most of the day(which I didn’t mind the extra snuggles at all) She needed to be on completely pureed foods for 6 weeks. The big girls started lessons in August, where as our youngest two are starting this week.
Blessing #3 -14 years old

Blessing #4 - 12 years old

Blessing #5 - 4 years old

Blessing #6 - 2 years old

Love these silly kids so much - it's gonna be a fun year!