The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

date night and a beard update

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The other night hubby and I had the opportunity to enjoy a night out.  For Christmas our children blessed us with a gift card to a restaurant along with free babysitting.  That was such a thoughtful gift. Hubby and I really had a nice time together –we enjoyed our uninterrupted conversations and a hot meal. We value our time alone as a couple and we try to make each other and our marriage a top priority –we believe it is so important for our children that we have a good marriage.  So we are thankful that our children see and understand the benefits from parents taking time for each other.

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The beard update…in November hubby decided at he was not going to shave until we got our travel dates. Well, being the humorous guy he is I thought he was joking –um yeah apparently not! He has had it trimmed and cleaned up once right before Christmas. I am not a beard kind of gal –just hoping he don’t end up like the singers from ZZ Top….oh travel dates please come SOON!

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