The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

three years ago today...

Three years ago today was the first time we finally got to see and hold our lil guy!


We were so excited to finally get to hold our son! It made the long flight from Washington D.C to Addis Ababa worth it. On our plane there was 4 other families with our agency! There were 3 of us couples all sitting right by each other which was so fun and a nice blessing.
We had all just got to the hotel exhausted after the flight and Wa*s from our agency's transition home offered to come pick us all up so we could meet our children that day instead of waiting till the next morning…um like we would say no!
We loaded in the bus and finally arrived in front of the gates to Hannah's Hope!
Hubby on the “famous” staircase that leads to the baby rooms upstairs. After that hubby lost me because once they opened the door to the green room where our son was-I was off! It was feeding time immediately I saw him and scooped him up.
We got to spend several hours there that day. It was a surreal feeling, finally holding your child that you have been praying for and loving for months from a distance.
While there that day we fed him his cereal and bottle
and got to snuggle during nap time…so sweet.
When we left there we were even more exhausted! We got back to the hotel grabbed something to eat with one of the couples we traveled with and then went to bed!
The next day we felt much better!
Ethiopia turned to a two trip country the day after we submitted our country paperwork! The purpose of the 1st trip is for court appointment. The second trip you complete the adoption process with your US embassy appointment. So we had to leave our son there and returned 2 months later to bring him home-that was hard to do after spending the week loving on him.

So thankful for you little guy! We are blessed to have you in our family. Love you forever.

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