The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

God sets the lonely in families Psalm 68:6

Praising the Lord for our blessings!
"because I delivered the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to help him"
Job 29:12
"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18


Sunday, February 23, 2014

reunited-siblings come home

this and a lot of prayer is how we are getting by
 Last night was tough lil girl woke up after 3 hours of sleep -we were up for 4 hours then back to sleep for 3.  Our poor sweetie was having a tough time (and that 4 hour nap probably didn't help much so we won't be doing that again any time soon) as rough as it was we are thankful that we could be there for her to comfort and soothe her through it. We are praying that the Lord heals her heart and these moments help her to feel more secure knowing we will always be there for her. She woke up her sweet little self. She is so precious -already she brings so much joy into our lives we are so blessed. Thankful and humbled for what the Lord has given us by being her parents.

My parents were so kind to plan on keeping our children a couple days for us to sleep and try to adjust to this time zone. We were so excited that this afternoon they were bringing our children home.
Everything went really well when they got home and of course they are loving having a new lil sister in our home to love on! Hubby and I are so thankful for my parents keeping all our kids the whole time and doing such a great job with them - it gave us peace knowing they were all well cared for. Thankful to my other sister S* and her family who live by my parents they helped us too. Besides plowing our driveway Lil Guy loves tractors  and our brother in law is a farmer -he took Lil Guy with his 3 year old son to a tractor show and breakfast -Thanks R*! Lil Guy loved it. While eating dinner we were overwhelmed with gratitude to God for our table full of blessings - can't wait till Blessing #1 is home and our table will be complete...actually we need a bigger table and more chairs now! We are blessed.
first snack time together
yes- I actually dozed off while Lil Guy was reading to our Lil Girl

silly Blessing #4

Saturday, February 22, 2014


We got to our home late Friday night USA time after being up for 31 hours with only 3 hours sleep night before! We came home to find our driveway plowed (thanks so much R*)by my brother in law, a warm freshly cleaned home - our sweet girls came here from grandmas to turn up the heater and clean for us, and our cats we well taken care of thanks to my dear friend P* who came and fed them for us. Lil girl was sleeping when we got home we didn't want to just go right to bed and have her wake up in a place she hadn't seen so we stayed up till after she woke, she played for a little bit after we showed her around the house- she was excited to see the toys we had out, we gave her something to eat and all finally crawled into bed exhausted. Poor hubby didn't sleep more than 30 minutes on the plane so he passed out on the couch.

little snack before finally going to bed Friday night
We all slept fairly well our first night home about 6 hours and lil girl only woke up quickly one time during the night. By noon on Saturday we were all dragging the time change and jet lag was taking its toll - we all fell asleep for 4 hour nap which is not a helpful thing to do! Lil girl didn't want to wake up even after that. We played for a while, had something to eat and she had her first bath at home. Our tub isn't as huge as the one at the hotel in China but she loved it just as much. I felt bad for her its colder here then in China and she didn't like feeling cold after her bath - must of been magnified for her with how warm they dress kids there. As soon as she was dressed and snuggled she was back to her smiling self.

ready for bed

Friday, February 21, 2014

heading home! - "Dreams do come true"

Heading home!  As mentioned lil girl does not like getting woke up early and gets car we were super worried about having to leave the hotel at 6:15a.m. for a 2 1/2 hour van ride to Hong Kong. God is so good and kind! We carefully got her out of bed put her right into my Ergo carrier -she didn't wake up. We quickly ate breakfast at the hotel and packed her favorite chicken sausages and some rice noodles and lots of fruit for her to eat later, said good bye to our guide Jack and got in the van...she slept on me almost the whole way there!!! Praise the Lord! She woke up as we were going into Hong Kong and probably was awake for the last 40 minutes of the van ride. She started getting fussy like she could get sick but she didn't-which actually surprised us cause  Hubby and I both felt like we could after that ride! We got in the airport checked our bags, changed her diaper and fed her the breakfast we packed and had one happy lil girl again! We gave her Benadryl to help with motion sickness on the plane- found it doesn't help her sleep but that it makes her HYPER!(like all of our other kids) oh well hyper is better than puking.
The flight went well and we were able to meet other adoptive families from the states-I love the instant bond we can have with each other especially those with in the body of Christ and understand adoption/orphan care is a couple actually got to do some advocating of children at the orphanage their son was from -they took pictures of all the kids and took information of them to share with families back in the states! how awesome.
We were so thankful to have a connecting flight near Blessing #1 college so we booked our tickets to have a longer lay over so he could come meet his new sister...that was such a blessing I will never forget the joy on his face to see her. We appreciate his thoughtful friend H* that drove him there and just stayed in his car for 2 hours so he could give us time as a family. Our son is such a great person and has been a big support for us during this process - he is thrilled to have a new little sister especially from Asia. He will be home the week after we get home for spring break -at the airport when seeing her he said he was sad his spring is only for a week.
My sister's family lives close to the airport so they blessed us by letting us stay at their home the night before we left for China and getting up early so A* could drive us to the airport and keeping our van so we don't need to pay a fortune to park a vehicle. While in China my sweet sister texted us asking us to give her a list of groceries we wanted so she could have them in our van when they picked us up....break my heart she is so good to me. I eat lots of fresh produce and salads daily - so I was craving produce - I jumped at the opportunity to have fresh food that I didn't have to peel first- in my van. Then they all met us at the airport-so sweet lil ones uncle got her a balloon which was a huge help once we got home! My sister is a blessing to me for sure and a great friend! (LUV YOU MAYNARD-lol)
Walking through the airport in our home state with her in our arms was such a surreal is finished- it is done - after all the paperwork - all the praying-all the tears -lots of waiting - its done!
All we kept thinking is wow- "Dreams do come true"
She is forever in our arms - done - God is good.
"He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it." 1 Thessalonians 5:24 
sunrise on way to Hong Kong- we actually saw 2 sunrises and 2 sunsets in 1 day!!!
waiting in the Hong Kong airport

happy lil one waiting to meet big brother

Blessing #1 coming to meet his baby sister

meeting cousin

my sweet sister and her wonderful family

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Guangzhou Day 6- Thursday

Today is our last day in China we are very excited to get home to see our other children and see Blessing #6 with them. Its hard to believe that its already time to head home but then when we look back and our time in Beijing seems so long ago. Its been a long trip sometimes hard and exhausting but overall its been a great experience an we so thankful for all the time we have been able to spend here to see her birth-country. We have a new appreciation of China.
So this morning we got to sleep in and had nothing on our schedule until the later part of the morning-our little girl loved that she got to sleep in! It was a nice day today so after breakfast we walked around outside in the garden at the its beautiful in there they have a waterfall and lots of fish in the ponds which lil one liked. After our guide came back with the R* family they had their Consulate appointment today we headed out for the afternoon. First we stopped at a medical supply place for things they needed for their daughter and for a motion sickness patch for Blessing #6...we are flying out of Hong Kong so it is a 2 1/2 hour van ride before flying - which we know she doesn't do well in vans! Then we went back to Shamian Island to do some more shopping - I also picked up the silk blanket we had made for our lil girl so we didn't have to wait for them to bring it to the hotel tonight. It was warmer today so it made it really nice to walk around there-it is very pretty on the island. Hubby took Blessing #6 to lunch at Lucy's while I finished our shopping they had a good time together -she had her first quesadilla along with fries which we knew she loves. We headed back to hotel to work on our packing while we waited for her visa in her passport to arrive with the documents we give to customs at the airport. Tonight was our last dinner with our friends so we decided to go back to the Banana Leaf it was a fun time-so blessed we got to travel with the R* family and with the family we met in Fuzhou. After dinner we made onelast trip to the store for some stuff for the plane and snack foods to take home so our kids could try- we decided to pass on the bagged chicken feet snacks!
I love these pictures-how safe and happy in her Daddys arms she feels. The first couple days lil one wouldn't go to him...but now she is knowing the love of a Daddy.
That is adoption- the love and security we have with our Heavenly Father.



she loves pushing the buttons in the elevator(lift) she did it every time
Shamian Island

view outside our room-it was clear to see the mountains today
We got the girls matching outfits for the girls-too cute. Last night on the town for these BFF's...
our girls are both from the same city in China which is really special that they share that part of their story. Hopefully we can all go back and visit China together when they are older.

this is crossing the street to the restaurant-so thankful for the bridge otherwise it would be like playing the video game frogger trying to get across !
3 happy girls-3 happy mommas

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Guangzhou Day 5-Wednesday Consulate Day

Today was our US consulate appointment at 8:30 a.m.- our lil girl doesn't like being woke up so we were worried about that but she did great! Praise the Lord...our adoption is now complete and Blessing #6 will now be a citizen when landing in the USA! We had our appointment and oath ceremony- everything was done with in an hour and now we just wait for the visa in her passport which will be ready late Thursday afternoon-we will fly out Friday morning for home...glad because we are really missing our other children.
After our appointment Jack took us back to our hotel to grab a cup of coffee and our money before we went shopping for some headphones hubby wanted to buy. When we were back at our hotel we had some lunch we decided to venture out on own to do some shopping and sight seeing. We got a taxi - crazy cheap it was $6.74 round trip! We went to the pearl market which is a 7 level shopping building filled with tons of stores selling all kinds of jewelry - that was very overwhelming and an odd experience. We couldn't stay long though because of all the cigarette smoke and strange fumes kept making our little one go into coughing fits...we were glad we were able to buy some pearls for our girls at a shop on the outside of the building. That is one thing we will not miss about China is all the cigarette smoking in public places. We then walked around it is so amazing and crazy how tall all the buildings are there and some of the architecture is so beautiful. Your eyes can never get bored there is always so much to look at. Guangzhou is a busy place lots of people walking around there population is 14 million...some compare it to Los Angeles. We were also amazed how safe it feels there - other than crossing the streets! We got a coffee at a local coffee shop and loved they had a throw pillow in one of the chairs with scripture verse on it! We walked to Carrefore it was fun to wander through that store - we were excited that we ended up buying some congee/rice bowls and spoons and several sets of chopsticks for our family to use at home. We met up with the R* family for dinner and tried a restaurant across the street from our hotel called the Banana Leaf which is a great Thai/Chinese restaurant - that was a lot of fun! They had people dancing and singing American songs and they wanted the R* kids to come up and dance with them...after bribery from their Dad L* ended up dancing with them and got 100 yen from his Dad! It was a great time again and we were so glad to be able to travel with their family. We went back to our hotel and completed a lot of our packing.
before embassy appointment she was having a blast looking at herself in the mirror 

"selfie" while out shopping


our hotel