The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Friday, February 7, 2014

Beiing - Friday

Today was an exciting day in Beijing - they got their first snow of the year! Our guide Jack was telling us yesterday that typically they have 3-4 snows a year and this year they hadn't had any...we were joking that is because the United States has been stealing all their snow with all the record snow falls we have been having this year...they were glad to have snow. It was so neat to see both children and adults enjoying the opportunity to be out and playing in it.
Our day was a little more relaxed today but still memorable and enjoyable.
We went to the Temple of Heaven, a fresh water pearl shop and out to lunch at a local
restaurant. After that we had our guide and driver drop us off at a local shopping street near our hotel (the locals call it the "golden street" because some of the stores prices are up to 3 times more the cost than it is elsewhere). We wanted to get a coffee at McD*nalds, walk around and do some window shopping and then take a walk back to our hotel. 
The first part to the Temple of Heaven is open to public without purchasing an admission
 ticket. Jack was saying this is where the senior citizens come and do a variety of activities together. As we walked up we heard a group of them singing together it was so pretty sounding. We also saw them playing cards, checkers, hacky sack (Hubby got to play too), badminton type game and even a group of women dancing.

An elderly lady was teaching Hubby how to play hacky sack


over 500 year old Juniper tree that was planted in the Ming dynasty

a much needed coffee break thanks to these snacks!

our hotel
  Early this evening another family from our agency arrived here! We are so fortunate to be able to travel the rest of the trip with them because our daughters are from the same area. Typically families travel by themselves to their child's province and then meet up with other adoptive families in Guangzhou where all families from every agency have to complete their adoptions. C and I had been communicating prior to leaving so it was really nice to meet them in person and enjoy dinner together.
Tomorrow will be another long and exciting day- we get up early to go see the Great Wall, visit a Jade factory and then we fly to our daughters province. Please pray for safe travels and that all our luggage will arrive there - as both families have to check all of our luggage including all supplies needed to care for our girls.
It has been such a blessing to experience the capitol city of our daughters birth country. We have been enjoying all the different things we have done and are happy that we will have these memories to share with her one day. However, knowing that in a few days her whole life is going to be changed...and that grieves us so much.

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