The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Monday, February 10, 2014

Fuzhou Day 2

This week we will complete the Chinese part of our daughters adoption-and this is done in the province that your child is from - we are at Fuzhou which is the capital city of the Fuijian province.
Today was spent doing the majority of our appointments and paperwork. First we went to the Fujian Bureau of Social Welfare Affairs for the adoption registration-we answered some questions and signed adoption agreement. Then to the Fuzhou City Notary Public where we had to answer some more question for document notarization. During the coarse of the week all her documents will be notarized and her passport will be issued.  After we finished our appointments we went shopping at Walma*t for baby supplies, water and snacks for our rooms and orphanage donations. Walma*t was an experience for sure...3 levels that had this ramp type escalator to go up each level that was crazy coming down to the first floor with a cart load of stuff! We were glad we didn't loose the cart and run someone over, Then went to a great local restaurant for lunch-we spent less then $40.00 for 9 of us to eat and had left overs...crazy cheap. We hung out in our room for the afternoon and met up with the R* family for dinner at a Thai restaurant and walked back to the hotel to crash for the night.

her handprint was also added to paperwork

both families with orphanage staff

the orphanage staff that traveled with girls to Fuzhou

our hotel

view of Fuzhou from our room

 Way to cute!! Isn't she sweet - love her smile.

first bath

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