The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fuzhou day 3

Finally had a good night sleep! It was the first time since coming to China - I have been only sleeping 2-5 hours since getting here. So thankful to the R* family we are traveling with - they gave me some melatonin so I was able to sleep and woke up feeling refreshed.
Last night though our little girl started running a fever we were up for a little bit with that but she went back to sleep and it went down. During the day today she has been very lethargic and now it is up to 103 with no symptoms. It is very nerve rattling especially being here in China and we cant get it to break. Please pray for her and that this fever would go away
Today we went to the panda home hubby and I have never seen pandas that close up it was neat - blessing #6 seemed to like them too. After that we went to shopping/architectural area in Fuzhou called 3 lanes 7 alleys. The guide explained the government moved the people out and renovated the area. It was a fun place...we are hoping to go back there again this week before we leave. The sun was out today and it was the first day it wasn't really cold and rainy since we got here(or snowing like in Beijing). It was nice to be outside walking around. There was all kinds of shops to look at, lots of different foods there and a variety of music playing. It was neat seeing the people there having fun -it is still the Chinese New Year here so a lot of people go visiting during this time. Besides getting good sleep I was able to enjoy a great cup of coffee from Starb*cks...made for a really great day.

our guide Helen

fried swirled potatoes on a stick-yummy

R* family with our guide Helen enjoying our snack!

Chinese lanterns for New years

ahh know I had to go there! tasted just like home

isn't she precious-enjoying being in her Daddys arms

of course Daddy had to go get some ice cream..."for the baby-she said she wanted some"

our sick lil girl-please pray for her

Tomorrow we are supposed to go to the orphanage it is a long ride there and back. We may have to miss it or just one of us go. We would appreciate prayers as it will be a tough day.

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