The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fuzhou day 4

Today was a very rough day on many levels...we left early to visit the orphanage our girls went through and we were up with our lil one through out the night as she spiked a very high fever. Its is hard enough having a sick child but it is so magnified in a foreign country where you don't have doctors available. We couldn't get it to break even with piggy backing Tylenol and Advil.  I was not sure if I should go with because with her running a high fever but we decided I would go hoping maybe our guide could help us or maybe there would be a doctor at orphanage who would look at her. The trip to the orphanage took almost 4 hours one way! Apparently our little one has car sickness so on top of having a fever she puked all over me and her the first 20 minutes in the van and a couple more times before we got there...umm yah maybe I should have stayed at hotel. So thankful for the wonderful R* family we have been blessed to travel with -they were so helpful and compassionate through that whole ordeal. The Chinese people dress their children REALLY because she got sick all over all her clothes and coat we really heard about her being underdressed at the orphanage. Its funny even if the kids sneeze "its because they are probably cold" too funny - yet in the province we are in they think indoor heat is bad air so they don't use it if they even have it. This is the coolest time of the year and it doesn't last that long though. So we visited the orphanage for a very short time probably 30 minutes . The building is a huge building that houses the orphanage as well as senior citizens.  We are the first 2 families to visit with our agency's partnership with the orphanage - you could tell they were excited to have us come they served us a variety of local fruits while we visited with the directors for about 20 minutes. We then went in 1 room where babies (about 40) are it was and it was nap time. I am still processing that time there...hard stuff-its a life changing event for sure.
 The orphanage directors then took us out to lunch before our long ride back to the hotel. Thankfully our little girl didn't get sick on the way back. We got back to the hotel tried to get her to eat something with no luck -and fell asleep without eating was a very exhausting and emotional day.

in front of the orphanage with the directors

at the restaurant

blessing #1 may be studying abroad here! (such a God story)

public beach


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