The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fuzhou day 5

Praise the Lord! Our little girls fever broke early this morning...what a huge relief.  Thank so much to you who had been praying for her. We are so glad-she woke up ate a big breakfast, has been drinking all day and back to her sweet singing self.
Today there wasn't anything on our schedule until late afternoon when our adoption papers were ready. We had asked our guide if we could go back to the shopping area we were at the other day - so she arranged our driver to take us there and we also found a mall that had American food we wanted to go to also. We were going to pay to have the driver but our guide informed us that she contacted our agency and they were going to cover the driver for the day! what a blessing.
So we had a nice day getting out doing some shopping, eating lunch at KF*C and P*zza Hut also visiting with locals and having our pictures taken like if we are celebrities! Too funny-we would never do that in America just walk up to people start talking to them or just ask to get our pictures taken with them. After lunch we split up to look for things and C* and I got lost in the maze like Walm*rt -talk about crazy! The checkouts are way in the back of the store around some turns-not at the front where you come in...and then after you cash out you have to go out into a multi level parking garage! Thankfully as we were going to attempt to find our way to our husbands at the front of the store our guide came looking for us-she said she wasn't worried that we women could find our way back (seriously I wasn't too sure about that) but our husbands were worried. Oh and you have to pay for your bags here-that was funny too.
 Chinese New Year-the year of the horse
This afternoon our guide Helen picked up our adoption papers and brought them to the hotel. Tomorrow the police man will bring our girls passport and we will fly out in the evening to Guangzhou to finish the US side of the adoption...please pray for our flight hoping our lil girl doesn't get motion sickness on a plane like in the van.
The R* family and us had a nice dinner at our hotel with another couple we met from Colorado their daughter they adopted is their first child. We will be with them the remainder of our trip also.


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