The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Guangzhou Day 1- Saturday

Today we needed to go for our little girls picture appointment, medical exam with blood draw for TB test -all part of the US side of the adoption paperwork. Talk about a surreal experience! we were in this super crowded medical clinic with tons of adoptive families all there for their medical exams also on one side of building and locals waiting to be examined on the other side of the building. This is a busy week for adoptions because everyone getting in after the Chinese New Year closure - I think someone said there is over 80 embassy appointments everyday! It is fun meeting people from all over the place. So the exam is totally not the way things are done in America it was like assembly line as we were shuffled from one doctor or part of the exam to another. Then when they needed to take blood for her TB test we stand in line outside a closed door with other parents - they take your child alone with out you  AND close the door - then we wait for them to hand her back to us! CRAZY never would happen like that back at home. I am so glad that part is done-the whole process took probably an hour.
happy snuggling with Daddy after blood test
 After the medical exam we had the rest of the day to relax, get used to the new hotel, explore the area and do some shopping. It is very nice much we can walk to. We went to a Mexican restaurant with the R* family and the restaurant was filled with other adoptive families enjoying western food! Guangzhou is the final spot for all Chinese adoptions so there is so many western establishments here...many adoptive families are glad to enjoy conveniences similar to home. Hubby and I actually are enjoying all the Chinese foods and are getting quite good using chopsticks-like forks feel weird using again! Although I must admit that I like having a few coffee places all within a   couple blocks walking distance! After dinner we did some shopping.We knew here they dress their kids warm so we brought thick PJs but our lil one sweats and gets cranky when she it hot. So it was funny trying to shop for PJ's for her she is 2 but small so 18 months would fit her well. The women at store kept motioning we needed a bigger size and want us to get her a 4! Probably because they layer clothing so much and they have this one layer of clothing they put on babies that it thicker than sweatshirts they looked at us like we were crazy for only getting her a 18 month but we realized later we probably just bought one of the layers.  We came back to hotel to give our lil girl a bath in the big tub-she totally LOVED it!

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