The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Guangzhou Day 2 - Sunday

enjoying an apple in our room before heading to breakfast
Today we went to an outside market and then to Shamian Island. Qingping street market has been there for a couple hundred years and people sell flowers, herbs, dried animal parts and scorpions all are used for making teas and soups. It was interesting to see for sure. Then we walked to the island. Shamian Island was taken over by the French and British in the 1800's so the whole island is European designed.  It was very peaceful and pretty there. There are a lot of cute fun shops to go into and a lot of them cater to adoptive families because the consulate and hotel that adoptive families used to stay at are on the island. We special ordered a blanket to be made for our lil girl and it will be delivered to our hotel on Thursday. We ate at Lucy's restaurant. That evening we had dinner with a family from the states that live here and are doing special business -  that was a blessing to hear about their work.

different kinds of live scorpions - yum

ahhh...lil taste of heaven

wedding pictures

Yes, see the Daddy's actually get to hold their lil girls too!


our guide Jack teaching our lil girl how to play hacky sack - he got her to try kicking it too
yay-chicken congee for lunch


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