The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Monday, February 17, 2014

Guangzhou Day 3- Monday

CUTENESS ALERT!!! little warning there are lots of pictures from today-our lil girl is just way too cute! Today we filled our huge memory card that we planned to use for our whole trip so we had to buy another one! She is so precious...we are so blessed-words can not even describe.
 Today after breakfast we went to a zoo nearby the hotel and spent about 4 hours there. It was a nice day the weather finally warmed up in the afternoon...the first time since we have been in China we were able to go without a jacket (seriously - I think cold weather follows me!)
Anyways blessing #6 really enjoyed the zoo and seems like she may have been to one before because she knew to look for animals. It was so sweet to hear her saying the names of the animals in Mandarin with our guide Jack. Her voice is so sweet and dainty sounding...I wonder how long that will last once we get home and she has competition.
After we got back from the zoo we went out for walk to get coffee -lil girl took her nap in the Ergo carrier-she loves being (worn) carried in it. We had to go back to hotel to get our consulate paperwork ready with our guide. Then we went out to walk around the area and did a little shopping before dinner, we bought lil girl a really cute dress. Since coming to Guangzhou its nice having western food but Hubby and I were missing Chinese food & chopsticks so we went to a Chinese place nearby the hotel. We went to dinner with another couple we met in Fuzhou and had a great time.
Had a little scare before bed when our lil sweetie was chocking on almond butter...I think it got stuck in her palate - thankfully she was ok but boy it was scary! Funny how things can really freak you out as parents but it just seems more magnified when your in a foreign country-really makes you feel more helpless.  
lil girl likes our guide Jack

we got to feed the animals-she liked feeding the bunnies the best
 The zoo has a little acrobatic show with kids performing -honestly Hubby and I had a hard time watching the show...

Asian elephant


banyan tree

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