The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Guangzhou Day 4- Tuesday

Today we went to a park where there are amusement park type rides for the kids to do. In this park there are also lots of activities going on for the senior citizens - similar to the entrance at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. There were people singing, dancing and doing exercises all around it was so fun to see.  The R* kids were able to ride some before it started raining and it got too cold out. On the way back to our hotel we asked to go to Carrefore which is a local store we had heard that is similar to a Meij*r or Walm*rt we really enjoyed that. Lil girl likes playing with toys and we have been looking for some good toys for the plane ride...we were able to find quite a few there, some books(Cars & Winnie the Pooh) in English and Chinese, a suitcase, some produce and lots of other things all for less than 100.00-we were happy about that. Tonight we went to a Chinese restaurant with our guide and he ordered all kinds of delicious foods! Our lil girl loved all the meat tonight and would poke with her spoon the stuff she wanted me to feed her with my chopsticks...too funny. Came back to our room and gave our lil one a bath-I think its her favorite time of the day!

they were doing a dance with fans -so neat

this looks like a painting but you can actually walk through this the opening is like 7 feet in diameter-hubby says it looks like something from the Hobb*t  

washing the dishes at our table

2 sweeties with their happy mommas

outside view from our hotel room-crazy seeing huge TV screens on buildings

loving her bath
she is so precious-love her smile

 After her bath she was full of silliness -running through the room and playing with her Daddy...we love her so much! We are enjoying seeing her personality come out more each day.

Tomorrow is our appointment at the United States Consulate - the final step for our adoption! Getting excited to be home we miss our children very much....Blessing #1 comes home for spring break the week after we come home...I am so looking forward to all our blessings being under our roof soon.

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  1. What a beautiful place!!
    Your Lil #6 looks great in pink!!
    Have a great couple last days in China!!