The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Guangzhou Day 5-Wednesday Consulate Day

Today was our US consulate appointment at 8:30 a.m.- our lil girl doesn't like being woke up so we were worried about that but she did great! Praise the Lord...our adoption is now complete and Blessing #6 will now be a citizen when landing in the USA! We had our appointment and oath ceremony- everything was done with in an hour and now we just wait for the visa in her passport which will be ready late Thursday afternoon-we will fly out Friday morning for home...glad because we are really missing our other children.
After our appointment Jack took us back to our hotel to grab a cup of coffee and our money before we went shopping for some headphones hubby wanted to buy. When we were back at our hotel we had some lunch we decided to venture out on own to do some shopping and sight seeing. We got a taxi - crazy cheap it was $6.74 round trip! We went to the pearl market which is a 7 level shopping building filled with tons of stores selling all kinds of jewelry - that was very overwhelming and an odd experience. We couldn't stay long though because of all the cigarette smoke and strange fumes kept making our little one go into coughing fits...we were glad we were able to buy some pearls for our girls at a shop on the outside of the building. That is one thing we will not miss about China is all the cigarette smoking in public places. We then walked around it is so amazing and crazy how tall all the buildings are there and some of the architecture is so beautiful. Your eyes can never get bored there is always so much to look at. Guangzhou is a busy place lots of people walking around there population is 14 million...some compare it to Los Angeles. We were also amazed how safe it feels there - other than crossing the streets! We got a coffee at a local coffee shop and loved they had a throw pillow in one of the chairs with scripture verse on it! We walked to Carrefore it was fun to wander through that store - we were excited that we ended up buying some congee/rice bowls and spoons and several sets of chopsticks for our family to use at home. We met up with the R* family for dinner and tried a restaurant across the street from our hotel called the Banana Leaf which is a great Thai/Chinese restaurant - that was a lot of fun! They had people dancing and singing American songs and they wanted the R* kids to come up and dance with them...after bribery from their Dad L* ended up dancing with them and got 100 yen from his Dad! It was a great time again and we were so glad to be able to travel with their family. We went back to our hotel and completed a lot of our packing.
before embassy appointment she was having a blast looking at herself in the mirror 

"selfie" while out shopping


our hotel

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