The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Guangzhou Day 6- Thursday

Today is our last day in China we are very excited to get home to see our other children and see Blessing #6 with them. Its hard to believe that its already time to head home but then when we look back and our time in Beijing seems so long ago. Its been a long trip sometimes hard and exhausting but overall its been a great experience an we so thankful for all the time we have been able to spend here to see her birth-country. We have a new appreciation of China.
So this morning we got to sleep in and had nothing on our schedule until the later part of the morning-our little girl loved that she got to sleep in! It was a nice day today so after breakfast we walked around outside in the garden at the its beautiful in there they have a waterfall and lots of fish in the ponds which lil one liked. After our guide came back with the R* family they had their Consulate appointment today we headed out for the afternoon. First we stopped at a medical supply place for things they needed for their daughter and for a motion sickness patch for Blessing #6...we are flying out of Hong Kong so it is a 2 1/2 hour van ride before flying - which we know she doesn't do well in vans! Then we went back to Shamian Island to do some more shopping - I also picked up the silk blanket we had made for our lil girl so we didn't have to wait for them to bring it to the hotel tonight. It was warmer today so it made it really nice to walk around there-it is very pretty on the island. Hubby took Blessing #6 to lunch at Lucy's while I finished our shopping they had a good time together -she had her first quesadilla along with fries which we knew she loves. We headed back to hotel to work on our packing while we waited for her visa in her passport to arrive with the documents we give to customs at the airport. Tonight was our last dinner with our friends so we decided to go back to the Banana Leaf it was a fun time-so blessed we got to travel with the R* family and with the family we met in Fuzhou. After dinner we made onelast trip to the store for some stuff for the plane and snack foods to take home so our kids could try- we decided to pass on the bagged chicken feet snacks!
I love these pictures-how safe and happy in her Daddys arms she feels. The first couple days lil one wouldn't go to him...but now she is knowing the love of a Daddy.
That is adoption- the love and security we have with our Heavenly Father.



she loves pushing the buttons in the elevator(lift) she did it every time
Shamian Island

view outside our room-it was clear to see the mountains today
We got the girls matching outfits for the girls-too cute. Last night on the town for these BFF's...
our girls are both from the same city in China which is really special that they share that part of their story. Hopefully we can all go back and visit China together when they are older.

this is crossing the street to the restaurant-so thankful for the bridge otherwise it would be like playing the video game frogger trying to get across !
3 happy girls-3 happy mommas

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