The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Friday, February 21, 2014

heading home! - "Dreams do come true"

Heading home!  As mentioned lil girl does not like getting woke up early and gets car we were super worried about having to leave the hotel at 6:15a.m. for a 2 1/2 hour van ride to Hong Kong. God is so good and kind! We carefully got her out of bed put her right into my Ergo carrier -she didn't wake up. We quickly ate breakfast at the hotel and packed her favorite chicken sausages and some rice noodles and lots of fruit for her to eat later, said good bye to our guide Jack and got in the van...she slept on me almost the whole way there!!! Praise the Lord! She woke up as we were going into Hong Kong and probably was awake for the last 40 minutes of the van ride. She started getting fussy like she could get sick but she didn't-which actually surprised us cause  Hubby and I both felt like we could after that ride! We got in the airport checked our bags, changed her diaper and fed her the breakfast we packed and had one happy lil girl again! We gave her Benadryl to help with motion sickness on the plane- found it doesn't help her sleep but that it makes her HYPER!(like all of our other kids) oh well hyper is better than puking.
The flight went well and we were able to meet other adoptive families from the states-I love the instant bond we can have with each other especially those with in the body of Christ and understand adoption/orphan care is a couple actually got to do some advocating of children at the orphanage their son was from -they took pictures of all the kids and took information of them to share with families back in the states! how awesome.
We were so thankful to have a connecting flight near Blessing #1 college so we booked our tickets to have a longer lay over so he could come meet his new sister...that was such a blessing I will never forget the joy on his face to see her. We appreciate his thoughtful friend H* that drove him there and just stayed in his car for 2 hours so he could give us time as a family. Our son is such a great person and has been a big support for us during this process - he is thrilled to have a new little sister especially from Asia. He will be home the week after we get home for spring break -at the airport when seeing her he said he was sad his spring is only for a week.
My sister's family lives close to the airport so they blessed us by letting us stay at their home the night before we left for China and getting up early so A* could drive us to the airport and keeping our van so we don't need to pay a fortune to park a vehicle. While in China my sweet sister texted us asking us to give her a list of groceries we wanted so she could have them in our van when they picked us up....break my heart she is so good to me. I eat lots of fresh produce and salads daily - so I was craving produce - I jumped at the opportunity to have fresh food that I didn't have to peel first- in my van. Then they all met us at the airport-so sweet lil ones uncle got her a balloon which was a huge help once we got home! My sister is a blessing to me for sure and a great friend! (LUV YOU MAYNARD-lol)
Walking through the airport in our home state with her in our arms was such a surreal is finished- it is done - after all the paperwork - all the praying-all the tears -lots of waiting - its done!
All we kept thinking is wow- "Dreams do come true"
She is forever in our arms - done - God is good.
"He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it." 1 Thessalonians 5:24 
sunrise on way to Hong Kong- we actually saw 2 sunrises and 2 sunsets in 1 day!!!
waiting in the Hong Kong airport

happy lil one waiting to meet big brother

Blessing #1 coming to meet his baby sister

meeting cousin

my sweet sister and her wonderful family

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  1. hi there, i just stumbled upon your blog and i feel blessed already to have read the first page,,,,we have a lot in common and i am encouraged to know that your struggles are very similar if not the same to mines everyday. I too am a follower of jesus although he may say otherwise,,,,,cos i fail so much,,,,,i have 3 kids of my own and live in Japan with my husband who is Japanese, I am from scotland.