The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Saturday, February 22, 2014


We got to our home late Friday night USA time after being up for 31 hours with only 3 hours sleep night before! We came home to find our driveway plowed (thanks so much R*)by my brother in law, a warm freshly cleaned home - our sweet girls came here from grandmas to turn up the heater and clean for us, and our cats we well taken care of thanks to my dear friend P* who came and fed them for us. Lil girl was sleeping when we got home we didn't want to just go right to bed and have her wake up in a place she hadn't seen so we stayed up till after she woke, she played for a little bit after we showed her around the house- she was excited to see the toys we had out, we gave her something to eat and all finally crawled into bed exhausted. Poor hubby didn't sleep more than 30 minutes on the plane so he passed out on the couch.

little snack before finally going to bed Friday night
We all slept fairly well our first night home about 6 hours and lil girl only woke up quickly one time during the night. By noon on Saturday we were all dragging the time change and jet lag was taking its toll - we all fell asleep for 4 hour nap which is not a helpful thing to do! Lil girl didn't want to wake up even after that. We played for a while, had something to eat and she had her first bath at home. Our tub isn't as huge as the one at the hotel in China but she loved it just as much. I felt bad for her its colder here then in China and she didn't like feeling cold after her bath - must of been magnified for her with how warm they dress kids there. As soon as she was dressed and snuggled she was back to her smiling self.

ready for bed

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