The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Friday, February 14, 2014

Last day in Fuzhou - Guangzhou here we come

Happy Valentines Day!!!
 It was sweet the family we are traveling with brought matching outfits for our girls to wear today-
C* is way too thoughtful!

our lil valentines

So today was the last day in our daughters province. We had breakfast in the hotel with another adoptive family we met here. Most of the remainder of the morning we spent packing up our room and getting ready for the flight to Guangzhou. After packing up our stuff we were able to take a walk along the wooden boardwalk that goes around the lake in front of the hotel and grab some lunch. In the afternoon a local police officer came to the hotel to issue our daughters passport and we were off to the airport. On the way there our guide sang a beautiful song for us all on the bus about the love of a mother is compared to jade- blessing #6 loved it.


we loved having Helen as our guide here -she was great
As I mentioned before the Chinese people like getting their pictures taken with Americans. Well after going through security the officer below says "your ok but I want a picture please come with me" so we were thinking we were in trouble or going through extra he really wanted a picture for himself! Never would that happen with our TSA!! we were relieved it was just a photo for his scrapbook.
 She did great on the plane! actually played on my lap the whole trip...hopefully she enjoys our long almost 14 hour flight next week
After our short plane ride we met our new guide Jack at the airport headed over to our hotel and we were totally ready to crash for the night. Our hotel here is very nice! Everything is pre arranged for us and we could never afford to stay at something like this in the states for sure.

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