The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Sunday, February 23, 2014

reunited-siblings come home

this and a lot of prayer is how we are getting by
 Last night was tough lil girl woke up after 3 hours of sleep -we were up for 4 hours then back to sleep for 3.  Our poor sweetie was having a tough time (and that 4 hour nap probably didn't help much so we won't be doing that again any time soon) as rough as it was we are thankful that we could be there for her to comfort and soothe her through it. We are praying that the Lord heals her heart and these moments help her to feel more secure knowing we will always be there for her. She woke up her sweet little self. She is so precious -already she brings so much joy into our lives we are so blessed. Thankful and humbled for what the Lord has given us by being her parents.

My parents were so kind to plan on keeping our children a couple days for us to sleep and try to adjust to this time zone. We were so excited that this afternoon they were bringing our children home.
Everything went really well when they got home and of course they are loving having a new lil sister in our home to love on! Hubby and I are so thankful for my parents keeping all our kids the whole time and doing such a great job with them - it gave us peace knowing they were all well cared for. Thankful to my other sister S* and her family who live by my parents they helped us too. Besides plowing our driveway Lil Guy loves tractors  and our brother in law is a farmer -he took Lil Guy with his 3 year old son to a tractor show and breakfast -Thanks R*! Lil Guy loved it. While eating dinner we were overwhelmed with gratitude to God for our table full of blessings - can't wait till Blessing #1 is home and our table will be complete...actually we need a bigger table and more chairs now! We are blessed.
first snack time together
yes- I actually dozed off while Lil Guy was reading to our Lil Girl

silly Blessing #4

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