The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Saturday, March 1, 2014

1 week home - what we have been doing

Wow can't believe its been a week already! Seems like forever -yet feels like yesterday...probably because we are still fighting jet lag and trying to adjust to this time zone. My crazy body wants to either get up at 3a.m. or be up past midnight...yet I fall asleep every night in the chair while rocking Blessing #6 which cracks my big kids up. Hubby is usually up late every night and then his body wants to sleep in late.

So thankful for my adoptive momma friend who brought us dinner and groceries this week. That was such a blessing for our family - I especially loved my side dish of salt!  Also, so blessed by our oldest daughters servant heart - this week she completely did all the laundry for us! I love how she seen a need and stepped in to help.

This week we have been trying to stay at home and just enjoy time together getting to bond as a family. Hubby thankfully had this week off. He is excited to get back to work though - he's been off for almost a month and is going through withdrawals! He's been working since he was 12 years old and has never been off work that long! We were blessed before we left his boss informed him they give time off paid for medical situations so with her special need and our doctor appointments this week he didn't have to use his vacation time as he qualified for the medical time off...God is great! 

We had a couple doctor appointments for our lil girl scheduled for this week. Thankfully- overall they went really well. We had lots of blood work done with our pediatrician and praise God that all came back ok - just low vit. D which we can treat easily. We were concern about something else possibly going on but with blood work being ok we will just watch it - and return to pediatrician within 6 months. She is such a little peanut she is 75% height but 10% weight -funny she weighs the exact same as our son did when he came home from Ethiopia! but he was 1 and she is 2. We are glad though since her embassy medical in China she has gained a pound....and is getting a little chunk on her legs.

We are praising the Lord for directing us to the specialist team we are with that will do her surgery they were great with her. Before we even contracted to do this adoption our pastors wife and I were having lunch together, at the time she didn't know we were praying about a special needs adoption, well she mentioned her brother in law is a pediatric surgeon-it was one of those moments God implants in your brain to not forget! the kind where you get goose bumps. Then 6 months later my sister used this same specialist team for her son. So when we got our daughters referral we already knew where she would go for surgery. In fact our pastors wife's brother in law read our little girls referral medical for us and helped explained her diagnoses and what treatment will look like. They were wonderful with her and very respecting of the fact she has only been home less than a week. She will be having a small surgery and then 6 weeks later another surgery.

A cute thing we discovered about our lil girls is that she LOVES meat! like she will take it off your plate-loves it. One morning she had chicken with her eggs- umm yah something doesn't seem right about that! Hubby says for her the chicken came first! 
She still hates car rides - hasn't puked but hates them...and really detests the car seat after about 10 minutes. She looks at me with big tears while trying to undo her seat belt with look in her eyes, "like why are you not holding me like before."  There are no seat belt or car seat laws in China and because of her carsickness in I even sat in the front seat with her on my lap!-crazy although so it almost makes me want to hold her on my lap like I did there.
Our little girl is such a blessing to our family. She brings so much joy to all of us. She has the sweetest laugh and is generally a happy calm little girl. Its funny how with adoption God puts in your family what you need - that you didn't know was missing. Hubby and I have enjoyed watching all our kids interact together. Even lil guy is doing great- we were worried how it would be for him loosing his youngest status but he is adjusting well to being the older brother. He is all boy -so its sweet watching him as he already knows he has to be a gentlemen around her and not run her over- and if she does fall or he knocks her over he is concerned/compassionate for her. Of course our big girls love having a little sister and enjoy picking out her clothes - its like a real doll for them! Blessing #6 is getting comfortable with them also, she will let them hold her now and will go to them which makes them all happy. We are blessed more than we could ever imagine. 


total cuteness!


  1. So happy for your family bonding and joy!

  2. I LOVE this update, Carrie! Such a sweet family God has created. <3

  3. So sweet Carrie! Praying for you guys to get over the jet lag soon. It really looks like everyone is doing so well so far! :)