The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Sunday, March 9, 2014

One month forever in our arms...already!

The day we had been waiting for arrived one month ago today- we finally had our daughter in our arms.  We praise God for what He has done by leading us on this journey again.  She is beautiful just like the meaning of her Chinese name- "luxuriant and beautiful; exuberant". To hold her in our arms filled us with so much joy and love...time seemed to be still as if we were the only ones in the room. It is amazing how all your fears and doubts can all be erased in a single moment...she is worth all the time we had to wait.
There was a time in this process we doubted if we were supposed to be on this path again. We are not rich (by US standards) so financially we were worried. Also, our wait was longer than the projected timeframe our agency originally stated so we (impatiently) were growing weary with waiting and doubts. We asked a few people to pray for discernment for us...all while God was doing things we never imagined. During this time our agency got its first partnership with an orphanage in China and our daughter was the first referral from that new partnership, which totally is a amazing God thing. Well this past week I was talking with our caseworker and she mentioned that another agency said "you must have built a really good relationship with X* in order to get that partnership" and she said "no, we just offered help if they needed us" another major God thing because this area in China is very private so for them to just accept our agency's help-cannot be explained any other way than the Lord. I am in awe once again how God works...and blesses me even when I feel undeserving-but that's His character-He delights in blessing us because He loves us.
what a beautiful glimpse of what Heaven will look like-
so happy to have all our blessings under our roof this week
For a month so far we have been blessed with the privilege to be BaBa(Daddy) and MaMa to our sweet little one and for two weeks now she has been a Mei Mei (little sister) to 5 siblings who adore her. We feel abundantly blessed by having her in our family. She adds an extra dose of joy to our home. She just radiates happiness. I have cried many happy tears praising God for what He has done and given us. I am so thankful we continued in faith to follow Him and not let our doubts or fears to take over. Even more than before we are convinced that God always has the perfect plan in His timing.
love from her big sister 
fun in the tent we made

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  1. Just beautiful. I cannot believe it has already been a month. Your joy is evident! Bless you guys <3