The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Blessing #2 graduated from our homeschool last week and we had her open house Friday night. Truly a celebration of Gods goodness and kindness to us in her life and joyful anticipation of all that is to come. We marvel at His hand in her life…during my pregnancy with her at 26 weeks gestation I was put on complete bed rest because my body was beginning to go into labor. Long story short we ended up being induced 3 weeks early because of other complications that were putting her and I at risk…she was born totally healthy and 9 pounds – big and yes 3 weeks early! About a year and a half after her birth after a long season of post partum depression I began attending a Moms Bible study where I ended up hearing the gospel message and Jesus became my personal savior  - Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death 2 Cor. 7:10. The Lord used the events before and after the birth of Blessing #2 to eternally change our family and future generations….so thankful.
Blessing #2 will be going to college in another state this fall. While this could cause sadness we have no regrets and are so thankful the Lord led us to homeschool where we were able to pour into and love on her everyday. This is what hubby and I work for - to raise up our children, sheltering, nurturing, discipline them in the Lord until they have strong roots and then send them out to live for the Lord. We are not perfect parents and we fail miserably often – but thankfully our God is so much bigger than our shortcomings and His mercies and grace are new everyday. Homeschooling is not easy but the benefits are so good and at the end when all our kids are grown we know we will not regret the time and energy that it takes.
Ever since she has been 8 Blessing #2 has had a desire to be a missionary in Ch*na.  When she was little she never wanted to go to college and couldn’t understand why she had to go often she would ask, “why can’t I just go serve God-why do I have to go to college-can’t I just go serve?” Then when she was about eleven or twelve she came to me and said, “I know if God really wants me to be a missionary then he will send me a husband who wants to be a missionary – so then I can serve with him and I won’t have to go to college” she had it all figured out!  Her plans and thinking have since been matured but her desire is still the same – to go serve the Lord.  She is willing to go or stay where ever He leads. Her “plan” as of now is to go to college for either a business or teaching degree. She hopes to go to another country and help women start business so they can have  income for there families.
The graduation ceremony was put on by a homeschool co-op that meets in our church. There was twenty-eight graduates this year. Here is her bio and thank you that she wrote that was read as her daddy presented her diploma to her : (blessing #2) was born on __1995. She received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in 2003 and was baptized in 2004. (blessing # 2) will be attending __College for the next four years. (blessing #2) is prayerfully considering being a missionary. Mom and Dad; thanks for being my teachers, mentors and friends. Thank you especially for teaching me about Jesus, pointing me to Him by your example in daily life, and helping me grow more in my relationship with Christ which is the most important part of my life. Thanks for giving me a love for learning, books, and letting me spend hours on end working on crafts and art! I love you both so much!
We had an exciting God thing that happened after the ceremony...The night before her graduation we were discussing her future college plans and we are all a little concerned about the finances of college. Blessing #2 knows she will have to work to pay for part of her education and we also know God provides and has plans we can not see. So after the ceremony a pastor from another church whose daughter also graduated that night came up to hubby and I. This man was saying how her testimony touched his heart and he loves hearing young people knowing they want to go serve the Lord that way. We got talking some more, we both  shared a little about our testimonies, that Hubby and I are 1st generation Christians and again he mentioned how her future plans encouraged him. Then he told me that he is so encouraged that when she goes to travel to visit a country even if while still in school for her to come see him and he wants to give her $500 towards her trip! Uhhh….a total God thing! Who comes up and offers strangers money for their daughter ---- just the night after we were fretting about the money! Couple minutes later we pass again we start chatting and his wife comes up and he tells her that we are the parents of the girl who wants to be a missionary and then tells her he offered to give her the money. To that she says’ “If he told you that its because the Holy Spirit laid that on his heart and you can know he really will do it.” With that she gives me a hug. Ohhh - God you are so kind to us… After I told Blessing #2 the whole story we just rejoiced on how good the Lord is to give us that confirmation that He is in this – He is in control- He sees the Big picture- and she (we) just needs to follow in faith.
We finalized “our plans” in April for which college she would attend after we received the financial/scholarship packages from the two colleges (U** and B**) she had narrowed it down to. We went to visit B** and felt it was a good fit for her – they just didn’t offer art which was something she liked about all the other colleges she considered. Financially B** is more in her budget and while we were there we found out they are starting a business program this fall-which we were excited about. As I mentioned the financial obligation for college is concerning for us so we have all been praying if it is not Gods plan for her to go to B** that the Lord would just shut that door and make it clear.  Well just this week U** contacted me and wondered if she has decided on a college and if it is the finances that is holding her back from their school to let them know they would like to do something to make it work for her….after some emails and explaining the difference is $10,000 her admission counselor offered her another $5000 per year in scholarships from the school. He is also going to check into a private scholarship for her to help reduce the remaining $5000 difference! Also, after applying to U* we felt it was a closed door last fall - then it opened again…then financially in April we felt it was a closed door again-and now it seems it could be open AGAIN. Blessing #2 was a little stressed by all this – but really this is what living by faith means! Which we said to her is something a missionary NEEDS  to do! So we are praying and excitedly waiting to see what the Lord has planned!
(Blessing #2 and her best friend -
proof that homeschoolers actually do turn out normal!!!)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mothers Day

I sit here reflecting on “my” Mothers Day weekend. I am so blessed….way more than I ever deserve. Thankful for the Lords goodness in my life and kindness He shows to me...I so desire to live sacrificially to give more of me and think less of me and “my” wants. It is my prayer to give till I have nothing left and to be filled up with more of Him. 
this is how our family would look.....
so thankful the Lord had other plans...His are ALWAYS better
Well the weekend started on Friday – it was his day off so he had me drive Blessing #2 to work while he stayed home with the littles. After dropping her off Blessings #3 &4 and I went shopping for all the (except perishables) supplies for Blessing #2 upcoming graduation party. It was so nice being with my “middle” two girls…they are growing so fast and I enjoyed our time together.  That evening we finally got to use our grill because it was such a nice day! First grilled hamburger for our new lil girl…of course being that it was meat – she loved it!!! She let us know by her “mmmm umm mmmm” while chewing.

Then Sat. I was able to go out (missing the bedtime routine) for the night and see “Moms Night Out” at the theater (I have not been to a theater in years since we took the kids to see Horton Hears a Who). I went with my wonderful friend M* from church and her sweet sister in-law A* and my dear special friend P* (who shared the love of Jesus with me and has eternally changed our family). We met up there with about 10 other women from a nearby church and after the show all went to R*by Tue*day together. It was such a funny movie yet very encouraging and I love the fact they mention Jesus in it. 

When I got home I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me….Blessing #1 was home! I didn’t think he was coming home until Sunday or Monday for the summer. Then my wonderful big kids and hubby informed me that had done grocery shopping and had a picnic ready for Mothers Day – seeing we are still cocooning with our little one but they still wanted to do something special for me.

Sunday was such a beautiful day here and we really enjoyed the nice weather. Our picnic was so sweet and the kids enjoyed running around and playing in a willow tree. We walked around a cute little town and did some window shopping.  What I loved the most about the day was that all my “babies” were home this year.

I thank you Jesus for your love for me and blessing me with my beautiful family that is an example of you - because they love and cherish me in spite of my many short comings.