The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mothers Day

I sit here reflecting on “my” Mothers Day weekend. I am so blessed….way more than I ever deserve. Thankful for the Lords goodness in my life and kindness He shows to me...I so desire to live sacrificially to give more of me and think less of me and “my” wants. It is my prayer to give till I have nothing left and to be filled up with more of Him. 
this is how our family would look.....
so thankful the Lord had other plans...His are ALWAYS better
Well the weekend started on Friday – it was his day off so he had me drive Blessing #2 to work while he stayed home with the littles. After dropping her off Blessings #3 &4 and I went shopping for all the (except perishables) supplies for Blessing #2 upcoming graduation party. It was so nice being with my “middle” two girls…they are growing so fast and I enjoyed our time together.  That evening we finally got to use our grill because it was such a nice day! First grilled hamburger for our new lil girl…of course being that it was meat – she loved it!!! She let us know by her “mmmm umm mmmm” while chewing.

Then Sat. I was able to go out (missing the bedtime routine) for the night and see “Moms Night Out” at the theater (I have not been to a theater in years since we took the kids to see Horton Hears a Who). I went with my wonderful friend M* from church and her sweet sister in-law A* and my dear special friend P* (who shared the love of Jesus with me and has eternally changed our family). We met up there with about 10 other women from a nearby church and after the show all went to R*by Tue*day together. It was such a funny movie yet very encouraging and I love the fact they mention Jesus in it. 

When I got home I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me….Blessing #1 was home! I didn’t think he was coming home until Sunday or Monday for the summer. Then my wonderful big kids and hubby informed me that had done grocery shopping and had a picnic ready for Mothers Day – seeing we are still cocooning with our little one but they still wanted to do something special for me.

Sunday was such a beautiful day here and we really enjoyed the nice weather. Our picnic was so sweet and the kids enjoyed running around and playing in a willow tree. We walked around a cute little town and did some window shopping.  What I loved the most about the day was that all my “babies” were home this year.

I thank you Jesus for your love for me and blessing me with my beautiful family that is an example of you - because they love and cherish me in spite of my many short comings.

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