The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Sunday, June 22, 2014

four months home

Wow time has flown. Blessing #6 is just such a joy we can’t imagine our family without her. So thankful we stepped out in faith and followed God again.We have officially left our “cocoon” so thankful we have been to church two weeks in a row. It has been so nice to be back among our church family to worship the Lord…I didn’t realize how much I had missed it and it feels like a breath of fresh air. (Although getting there is interesting….for those who don’t believe that spiritual warfare exists have never tried getting eight people out the door on time for church – two of those being toddlers and one of them with SPD having wardrobe issues…today was not my most patient morning I must say-wasn’t pretty)
Fathers Day
Hubby and I even had our first date since coming home from China! We hired our girls one afternoon to babysit for us. We went to a coffee shop where we could enjoy much needed uninterrupted conversation. Which was really nice – this was the first time we had been alone since being in Beij*ng.
Sweetie had her first haircut since being home. My good friend does our hair so she had gone with me before and had met  Mrs. L* already so I think that helped her not be fearful. Although didn’t help with her sitting still! My poor friend had a crazy time cause our little girl wanted to wiggle and talk a lot while looking all around!
She has had so many other “first” such as swimming in our pool, bike ride, trip to zoo, new pink swing for the swing set- with her motion sickness she wasn’t too sure about at first but now likes. Her first Fathers Day which by the way she LOVES her Daddy and is so excited when he comes home – she is usually squealing in delight at the door when he walks in waiting for him to pick her up … so precious. So many firsts and this is such a fun age with her.IMG_2510
She had her first surgery at the end of May for intensive dental work, ear tubes and hearing test to rule out/confirm a suspected hearing loss…Praise! no hearing loss and they didn’t have to extract any more teeth than they had originally projected. In our almost 20 years of being parents we have we've done stiches and broken bones but never had to go through surgery with any of our kids (other than wisdom teeth) so this was tough. I love how God works though-after they surgical team wheeled her into the operating room our nurse told us to get something to eat. She was going to be under at least 3 1/2 hours and we would be paged after each specialist was done so we could meet back on the floor for our consults with each one. So we went to the cafeteria to get me a coffee and hubby some food (shocking) and I was fighting hard to hold back tears. Well within seconds  in walked a woman I had met in Jan. at an adoptive moms retreat I was so blessed to be able to attend a couple weeks before we went to China.  She was with two of her sweeties and they all sat by us for lunch. It was just the distraction I needed to not cry and her lil guy reminded us so much of our Blessing #5! She was so sweet to let me know she would be praying for our sweetie. Once again I was reminded how the Lord is always in the details and blesses us when, where and how we least expect it but need it!
Her big surgery for her palate is now scheduled in the beginning of September originally it was scheduled for middle of July. We were so worried about it being in July mostly because we had been encouraged by our agency to not have any surgeries done at least for the first 6 months home so not to disrupt bonding and attachment. We did have a little regression with her sleep patterns and needing to be held more after the first surgery so we were worried about doing it in July. We kept praying and giving it to the Lord knowing He knows and His timing is best. Well…last week the surgeon(who is a believer) had his nurse call us to see if we wouldn’t mind pushing the surgery back? He just didn’t feel comfortable doing it in July! After all her dental work he was also concerned the palate may collapse. So ummm….NO we wouldn’t mind AT ALL! Praise the Lord! Would appreciate prayers for this.IMG_2521Our lil girl is doing so well and seriously seems like she has always been in our family.  The joy that radiates from her little body is so sweet.  Her smile lights up her whole face. She is so smart and it is fun to watch her as she plays. We are so thankful and humbled that the Lord put her in our family.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy 12th birthday - “baby girl”

IMG_2445Our “baby girl” turned 12 today…unbelievable! I feel so old when I say I understand how “older” people used to tell me to enjoy the time with them when they are young cause it goes so fast…it does. “Baby girl” as her Daddy affectionately has called her since she was little is a blessing to our family. She has a funny sense of humor and a very contagious belly laugh.  She is our carefree spirited girl…not much gets her upset. It has been a joy watching her grow and mature.  She looks older now with her new haircut.
IMG_2449As our tradition for our kids birthdays we had both sets of grandparents over to celebrate. Blessing #4 chose to order pizza for her birthday meal (our kids are deprived we don’t do carry outs often…) so she was excited. She was even more excited to see the cupcakes we bought from C*stco (something we have never done!-but hey what’s a busy Mom to do?)
IMG_2455   IMG_2456IMG_2464   IMG_2472
After the grandparents left her and Blessing #3 went swimming…these two girls are almost inseparable these days- which makes us happy…most of the time. Except when we have to separate them at the table for giggling SO MUCH U.N.C.O.N.T.R.O.L.L.A.B.L.Y.  its hard to even have a normal conversation during dinner (we could have bigger problems I know).
IMG_2502   IMG_2498
For their birthdays we agreed to buy Blessing #3 & #4 rabbits. So since February they have been busy researching bunnies, finding breeders,getting the cage ready and supplies ready for the day when they could bring their bunnies home. They found a breeder and had been getting weekly pictures and updates on their bunnies. They were able to pick them up the day before her birthday so they were super excited (to say the least!) It has made mine and hubby’s heart so happy to see the joy the girls have gotten so far from there new pets.  IMG_2504The next day at church her BFF gave her a photo book made from when we celebrated their birthdays together at Bui*d a Be*r she loved that gift.
Love you “baby girl” and thank God for your preciousness and the joy you bring to our family. Excited to see what the Lord has planned for you this last year before becoming a “teen”.