The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some of the “hats” I wear

So much has been going on here –just kinda trying to reflect and take it all in…actually some days just keep my head above water…or oatmeal. Yes oatmeal! when I was a new mom I heard one time that there are days where it feels like you are just trying to keep you head afloat in a bowl of oatmeal…isn't that the truth some days!
Really though most of its been good –just feels like a busy season and trying to be in the moment as much as I can. I feel as though I wear three hats – well actually four major ones…  One hat for my “bigs” with Blessing #1 home from college for the summer and Blessing #2 gearing up to leave for college this fall (actually summer) – I have to have my “almost adult” hat on for them. They both have jobs this summer so scheduling who has the car and whose picking up who is an adventure some days! We are just grateful they were both able to find work to help them with college. Discussions with them are deeper and longer than with any of our other kids-we enjoy it but have noticed it always seems to be at night when we are almost passing out!! Tough one for this morning person type Mom. We enjoy this time a lot with our “bigs” more than we ever pictured we would. We like that they ask us hard questions about things in life and value our opinions…this is what all the “work” and pouring into them throughout their lives has gotten us to –being able to walk through life with them.
My second hat is for my “middles” Blessing #3 is 14 Blessing #4 just turned 12 they are in a very formative time in their life so for them I have to have my “disciple hat” on. They need less correction, more listening and discussing now. I like that they are at the age where we can discuss things easier! Oh and they now stay up some nights past Mom… Soon we will all experience something new –they will be the big ones in our home! We are looking forward to that special time with them. It will be a wonderful opportunity for them to blossom and grow even more.  As they are maturing and learning more about the world it will be nice to have the time to pour into them and looking forward to discussions with them.
My third hat is for my “lils” ahhhh the joy of toddlers/preschoolers…b.u.s.y- seems like I have this hat on a lot! Training, crafts/activities, disciplining, playing, reading picture books, changing diapers, feeding, holding, kissing boo-boos… this is probably the most physically tiring hat to have on also!  I wouldn’t change it though not even for a second! The Lord knows best and some days are challenging but they are joys and we are blessed to have them in our family.
The fourth has is my “wife” hat…life with toddlers is demanding enough let alone the three age groups we have. I have to make a conscious effort to not forget my husband and put our children in front of him. I am to be his “help meet” and we both believe that the best thing we could ever do for our children is to make sure we have a happy/healthy (not perfect) marriage. Thankfully, I have a very easy going, laid back, loving husband who doesn’t expect a lot and never puts extra pressure on me. I am thankful he works so hard for his family, loves us all unconditionally like Christ loves us, and upon walking in the door every night he selflessly puts on his “husband/daddy” hat. He plays with the kids, reads to them every night, he often jumps up to do the dishes for us, basically what ever- he has such a servants heart.
Obviously, remembering to switch hats when needed is important and feels like I am always on…you know? I can’t wear my toddler hat while talking to my “bigs” they really don’t like that…and when I try to talk to my “lils” with my “middles” hat on they just kind of look at me like what? …and smile. My middles don’t want to use play doh like the “lils” do…(huh-when did that happen?) Oh and Hubby really doesn’t like it if I talk to him with my toddler hat on either-thankfully he gives me grace!! So they days are busy- somewhat emotionally draining…but OH SO GOOD.

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