The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Friday, August 22, 2014

Blessing #2 goes to college

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Yep, it happened. How do our babies grow up so fast?
Blessing #2 had been in prayer regarding her college plans after narrowing it down to two schools.  She was mostly concerned with the financial aspect but has decided on one and is at peace with the decision. So we packed up all her new school stuff along with a lot of her personal belongings and drove to another state. I was worried and so was she about being far apart. We arrived the day before move in & orientation stayed at a hotel got up the next morning to begin the move in process. She is in a really cute suite with four other girls. The day was busy in the evening the college had a worship/prayer time for the parents with our children as a final send off -that was a bittersweet time. After her first night in the dorms and seeing the happiness on her face along with hearing about the fun she already was having and people she was meeting –my heart was at peace. The Lord is good always. Thankful He blessed us with our daughter – a Godly young lady who is willing to follow the Lord even if it doesn’t make sense, trusting Him with her future knowing He knows and sees all and we don’t, willing to go even if its hard, unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Excited to see what He does in her life.
Hubby went to church with her on Sunday morning to talk with the pastor again we then said our tearful (mine) good byes.

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