The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Thursday, February 19, 2015

frozen beauty…and on this day 25 years ago

Today we drove home from our friends house. We all had such a wonderful time and look forward to our next visit with them.
25 years ago on this day hubby and I met in college…all because of a mouse. I hate mice- like major dislike for them- the “girl” scream kind of hate! Well one of my room mates Sally bought  a small white mouse for a pet to keep in our dorm room (yuck).  Hubby’s room mate Gui and Sally were friends so one night Gui and my hubby came up to see her pet. That is how we met and the rest is history. We started hanging out together a lot with our friends in a group. One day I knew he was at the gym shooting baskets so I went there to shoot some hoops with him…I don’t really like sports but it was fun anyways & he still remembers that day.  In April he asked me out on a date we went to a Mexican restaurant and to see a movie. On November 1, 1990 he asked me to marry him. We got married the following September we took a three day honeymoon to Niagara Falls  because majority of our week after our wedding was to be spent moving us into our new home. So Niagara Falls always holds a special place in our hearts. It is so breath taking and beautiful. We have since been there several times and every season except spring-not sure what season is most beautiful. Our bigger kids all like it too – so we were excited on the way home to be able to show it to Blessing #5 & #6.  It was so cold we couldn’t stay out long at all, but they all wanted to get out and see the Falls.
IMG_4508  IMG_4509
IMG_4513     IMG_4510
IMG_4542  IMG_4538
IMG_4517  IMG_4520
IMG_4515  IMG_4524

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mommas Day Planner

outside my window…
"the little snowman whose head rolled away"
what I am wearing… pajamas (everyone is still in bed)
 what I am thankful for… our first year with blessing #6
 I am praying for… this stomach flu to go out of our home and that the 3 that haven’t gotten it won’t, safe travels as we are driving to visit friends, a little boy in China with microtia who needs a family.
I am pondering… “The child who is born into his family is like a board nailed down from the start. But the adopted child, him the parents have to nail down, otherwise he is like a loose board in mid-air.” – Peter Kirk at age 12
I am hearing… birds chirping, humming of the refrigerator, ticking of the wall clock and the clicking of computer keys as I type-I love the quiet of my mornings
Around the house… not much going on with this stomach flu besides school lessons
I am creating… planning Blessing #3 15th birthday lunch with grandparents
I am reading… The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Timothy Keller, Ordinary by Tony Merida and keeping up with my daily readings from One Year Chronological Bible
things I love… my family and good friends
a sweet memory from this past week… I was sick all Mon.night Tues. hubby stayed home from work & I slept all day he took care of everyone did all the school lessons, made meals even did some laundry. I slept on couch last night got up this morning to find him sitting on floor in upstairs bathroom taking care of Blessing #5 who had been getting sick all night. I love how he selflessly gives to our family. (this is the man who I used to have to send away when our first 2 would get sick cause he would too)
from the learning rooms… art project from The Snowy Day I love how my bigger girls will participate too.
IMG_3994 from the kitchen… not much happening other than chicken broth and fruit juice jello. in the library bag… Chinese New Year books/movies (LOTS of them)
plans for the rest of the week… one year post visit with social worker, homeschool lessons, play/musical practice for girls,mom/daughter date with blessing #4, co-op, blessing #3 birthday lunch with grandparents, visit our friends we traveled to China with to celebrate forever family day and Chinese New Year.
a peek into my world…
Creative use for his Ethiopian drum! He’s quite the character sometimes- love him!

Monday, February 9, 2015

First year with our little sweetie

One year ago today in the Fujian province, China our Blessing #6 was forever in our arms!  She has grown so much since that day. Honestly, its hard to believe that its only been a year with her it feels like she has always been in our family. She is such a blessing to our family and truly radiates joy…all the time-even when she gets frustrated she easily is redirected and happy again.
Copy (1) of IMG_9494IMG_4026
A  few of things that have happened during her first year with us:
  • she trusts us and has adjusted into our family wonderfully
  • has had 2 surgeries since coming home
  • wears 3T clothes now (was in 12-18 months)
  • has learned English
  • celebrated Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years with us
  • she turned 3 and had her first birthday celebration with us (Frozen princess cake –of course)
  • church & now goes to the toddler class with her big brother
  • attends our homeschool co-op
  • learned to swim in our pool
  • she quit using a bottle in bed
  • she now sleeps in her own bed (still in our room)
  • she can suck from a straw (huge for cleft issue)
  • she got her 2nd molars
  • went to the zoo
  • got invited to her first friend “princess” birthday party
  • annual apple orchard trip
Things she likes and we have learned about her this year:
  • she loves to sing (she was singing on the day she was placed in our arms and she hasn’t stopped)
  • she loves to cuddle and be picked up
  • she loves being the “baby” and the attention she gets with her place in the family
  • she likes having hair bows in her hair–or just getting her hair done
  • she likes wearing jewelry
  • she still LOVES meat and the vegetables that most kids don’t like she likes a lot
  • she is all girl & loves getting dressed up
  • she has to sleep with a baby or stuffed animal (changes often which one) at night
  • she has a “blankie” now that goes everywhere with us
  • she does have a spunky side to her personality but mostly she is just happy
  • loves swimming
  • loves to have her nails painted (usually cries when it starts to peel/chip off)
  • recently she decided she doesn’t need an afternoon nap anymore




IMG_2495 IMG_2521

(favorites bought at the Asian Market)


(Her 2nd surgery was in Sept.)



IMG_3371Copy (1) of IMG_3407IMG_3439
(she was so excited we had the "same" purple pj's with snowmen on them)

IMG_4042 IMG_4012_thumb
We feel so humbled to be her parents and are so grateful we followed the Lords nudging to adopt again – we are blessed beyond measure. 
Lord, we thank you for this precious child you have put into our family and entrusted us with. We ask that you will direct us and give us wisdom with all our children. Also, that she will come to know you at an early age,  will grow in the knowledge of your grace and never ending love for her, and that she will serve you all her days.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Mommas Day Planner

outside my window…

what I am wearing…  jeans, brown wool sweater and wool socks.
what I am thankful for… positive results from doctor appointment, my husband who loves our family so deeply and shows me unconditional love and grace always, and  hope in Jesus
I am praying for… a little boy in China with double atresia & microtia of the ear waiting for a family, the hearts of the little ones in China that have just been placed with their forever families, and for the families as they transition with the new little one and for safe travels back to the states.
I am pondering…  ways that I can be more intentional in connecting with my children
Jeremiah 31:25” For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish.”
I am hearing… blessing #3 and #4 baking cookies together (blessing #4 singing), hubby doing dishes (he’s home today to take me to doctor appointment and because of all the snow)
Around the house… hubby hung up pictures for me in family room this past weekend, hope to continue working on our “2015 purging” of 2015 things and hoping to hang our new shower curtain (it’s the little things sometimes)
I am creating… hoping to make some more chap stick and lotions this week with essential oils
I am reading… One Year Daily Chronological Bible (love it!!!)
things I love… coffee, connections with other adoptive moms, my palm tree collection from my sister who encourages me  IMG_3992
a sweet memory from this past week… hubby on his Friday off  took all the kids to our homeschool co-op, out to lunch, shopping at Costco, to his parents for a quick visit, the big girls musical practice then to dinner – so I could have some quiet alone time (this was all at his suggestion – love my man)
from the learning rooms… Blessing #3 – Solomon’s reign coming to an end, Proverbs project, genetics in biology, stuff I don’t understand in Algebra I(hubby does math). At co-op she is studying Louise Zamperini (Unbroken book) drama parts assigned also had to researched catering options to present for student council she is in. Blessing #4 - Jesus and his disciples along with his miracles, Augustine, she moved up to a new math level this week, the heart and breathing in science. In co-op she was assigned part in drama, story making, and head shapes/noses/hair in cartooning. Blessing #5 & #6 are learning about snow, winter and wisdom.  Blessing #5 learning to write his alphabet – his handwriting has improved so much since before Christmas break. Blessing #6 is so smart - a lot of the stuff I plan for her she does quickly then amazes me when she can do #5’s work! she is working on her colors…because (being a princess and all…) everything is still “pink” to her
from the kitchen…  I made a whole bunch of muffins last week and froze them for breakfasts. Also, I discovered this helpful thing called “crock pot freezer packs” that I assemble once a month then in the morning throw into my crock pot…super helpful in reducing the dinner hour stress level in our home (even though I LOVE to cook right now just is NOT that season for me).  This systems frees me up to be able to bake spontaneously a little easier now.
in the library bag… LOTS of books for Chinese New Year –can’t wait to read these
plans for the rest of the week… health/wellness seminar for hubby and I, Little Mermaid musical/play practice 3 days this week for blessing #3 &#4, homeschool co-op, African acrobat show and Friday family game night.
a peek into my world…
We have been reading The Snowy Day and other winter books with the little two.  We had fun making “snowing in bottles” one day.




We got a huge snowstorm Sunday so we celebrated by making snowy ice cream…I have lived my whole life where it snows during the winter and NEVER made snow cream before----the kids enjoyed it. Here’s the recipe we used