The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Monday, February 9, 2015

First year with our little sweetie

One year ago today in the Fujian province, China our Blessing #6 was forever in our arms!  She has grown so much since that day. Honestly, its hard to believe that its only been a year with her it feels like she has always been in our family. She is such a blessing to our family and truly radiates joy…all the time-even when she gets frustrated she easily is redirected and happy again.
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A  few of things that have happened during her first year with us:
  • she trusts us and has adjusted into our family wonderfully
  • has had 2 surgeries since coming home
  • wears 3T clothes now (was in 12-18 months)
  • has learned English
  • celebrated Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years with us
  • she turned 3 and had her first birthday celebration with us (Frozen princess cake –of course)
  • church & now goes to the toddler class with her big brother
  • attends our homeschool co-op
  • learned to swim in our pool
  • she quit using a bottle in bed
  • she now sleeps in her own bed (still in our room)
  • she can suck from a straw (huge for cleft issue)
  • she got her 2nd molars
  • went to the zoo
  • got invited to her first friend “princess” birthday party
  • annual apple orchard trip
Things she likes and we have learned about her this year:
  • she loves to sing (she was singing on the day she was placed in our arms and she hasn’t stopped)
  • she loves to cuddle and be picked up
  • she loves being the “baby” and the attention she gets with her place in the family
  • she likes having hair bows in her hair–or just getting her hair done
  • she likes wearing jewelry
  • she still LOVES meat and the vegetables that most kids don’t like she likes a lot
  • she is all girl & loves getting dressed up
  • she has to sleep with a baby or stuffed animal (changes often which one) at night
  • she has a “blankie” now that goes everywhere with us
  • she does have a spunky side to her personality but mostly she is just happy
  • loves swimming
  • loves to have her nails painted (usually cries when it starts to peel/chip off)
  • recently she decided she doesn’t need an afternoon nap anymore




IMG_2495 IMG_2521

(favorites bought at the Asian Market)


(Her 2nd surgery was in Sept.)



IMG_3371Copy (1) of IMG_3407IMG_3439
(she was so excited we had the "same" purple pj's with snowmen on them)

IMG_4042 IMG_4012_thumb
We feel so humbled to be her parents and are so grateful we followed the Lords nudging to adopt again – we are blessed beyond measure. 
Lord, we thank you for this precious child you have put into our family and entrusted us with. We ask that you will direct us and give us wisdom with all our children. Also, that she will come to know you at an early age,  will grow in the knowledge of your grace and never ending love for her, and that she will serve you all her days.

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