The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mommas Day Planner

outside my window…
"the little snowman whose head rolled away"
what I am wearing… pajamas (everyone is still in bed)
 what I am thankful for… our first year with blessing #6
 I am praying for… this stomach flu to go out of our home and that the 3 that haven’t gotten it won’t, safe travels as we are driving to visit friends, a little boy in China with microtia who needs a family.
I am pondering… “The child who is born into his family is like a board nailed down from the start. But the adopted child, him the parents have to nail down, otherwise he is like a loose board in mid-air.” – Peter Kirk at age 12
I am hearing… birds chirping, humming of the refrigerator, ticking of the wall clock and the clicking of computer keys as I type-I love the quiet of my mornings
Around the house… not much going on with this stomach flu besides school lessons
I am creating… planning Blessing #3 15th birthday lunch with grandparents
I am reading… The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Timothy Keller, Ordinary by Tony Merida and keeping up with my daily readings from One Year Chronological Bible
things I love… my family and good friends
a sweet memory from this past week… I was sick all Mon.night Tues. hubby stayed home from work & I slept all day he took care of everyone did all the school lessons, made meals even did some laundry. I slept on couch last night got up this morning to find him sitting on floor in upstairs bathroom taking care of Blessing #5 who had been getting sick all night. I love how he selflessly gives to our family. (this is the man who I used to have to send away when our first 2 would get sick cause he would too)
from the learning rooms… art project from The Snowy Day I love how my bigger girls will participate too.
IMG_3994 from the kitchen… not much happening other than chicken broth and fruit juice jello. in the library bag… Chinese New Year books/movies (LOTS of them)
plans for the rest of the week… one year post visit with social worker, homeschool lessons, play/musical practice for girls,mom/daughter date with blessing #4, co-op, blessing #3 birthday lunch with grandparents, visit our friends we traveled to China with to celebrate forever family day and Chinese New Year.
a peek into my world…
Creative use for his Ethiopian drum! He’s quite the character sometimes- love him!

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