The Lord is our Portion

The Lord is our Portion

Monday, February 2, 2015

Mommas Day Planner

outside my window…

what I am wearing…  jeans, brown wool sweater and wool socks.
what I am thankful for… positive results from doctor appointment, my husband who loves our family so deeply and shows me unconditional love and grace always, and  hope in Jesus
I am praying for… a little boy in China with double atresia & microtia of the ear waiting for a family, the hearts of the little ones in China that have just been placed with their forever families, and for the families as they transition with the new little one and for safe travels back to the states.
I am pondering…  ways that I can be more intentional in connecting with my children
Jeremiah 31:25” For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish.”
I am hearing… blessing #3 and #4 baking cookies together (blessing #4 singing), hubby doing dishes (he’s home today to take me to doctor appointment and because of all the snow)
Around the house… hubby hung up pictures for me in family room this past weekend, hope to continue working on our “2015 purging” of 2015 things and hoping to hang our new shower curtain (it’s the little things sometimes)
I am creating… hoping to make some more chap stick and lotions this week with essential oils
I am reading… One Year Daily Chronological Bible (love it!!!)
things I love… coffee, connections with other adoptive moms, my palm tree collection from my sister who encourages me  IMG_3992
a sweet memory from this past week… hubby on his Friday off  took all the kids to our homeschool co-op, out to lunch, shopping at Costco, to his parents for a quick visit, the big girls musical practice then to dinner – so I could have some quiet alone time (this was all at his suggestion – love my man)
from the learning rooms… Blessing #3 – Solomon’s reign coming to an end, Proverbs project, genetics in biology, stuff I don’t understand in Algebra I(hubby does math). At co-op she is studying Louise Zamperini (Unbroken book) drama parts assigned also had to researched catering options to present for student council she is in. Blessing #4 - Jesus and his disciples along with his miracles, Augustine, she moved up to a new math level this week, the heart and breathing in science. In co-op she was assigned part in drama, story making, and head shapes/noses/hair in cartooning. Blessing #5 & #6 are learning about snow, winter and wisdom.  Blessing #5 learning to write his alphabet – his handwriting has improved so much since before Christmas break. Blessing #6 is so smart - a lot of the stuff I plan for her she does quickly then amazes me when she can do #5’s work! she is working on her colors…because (being a princess and all…) everything is still “pink” to her
from the kitchen…  I made a whole bunch of muffins last week and froze them for breakfasts. Also, I discovered this helpful thing called “crock pot freezer packs” that I assemble once a month then in the morning throw into my crock pot…super helpful in reducing the dinner hour stress level in our home (even though I LOVE to cook right now just is NOT that season for me).  This systems frees me up to be able to bake spontaneously a little easier now.
in the library bag… LOTS of books for Chinese New Year –can’t wait to read these
plans for the rest of the week… health/wellness seminar for hubby and I, Little Mermaid musical/play practice 3 days this week for blessing #3 &#4, homeschool co-op, African acrobat show and Friday family game night.
a peek into my world…
We have been reading The Snowy Day and other winter books with the little two.  We had fun making “snowing in bottles” one day.




We got a huge snowstorm Sunday so we celebrated by making snowy ice cream…I have lived my whole life where it snows during the winter and NEVER made snow cream before----the kids enjoyed it. Here’s the recipe we used




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